How to Not Get Seasick on a Fishing Boat

How to Not Get Seasick on a Fishing Boat

Fishing requires your ability to stay focused and patient. However, if you are suffering from seasickness, that might ruin the entire fun day that you’ve been planning for quite a time now. Therefore, this post will guide you on how to not get seasick on a fishing boat.

Seasickness is natural and can affect anyone while on the boat. Unfortunately, no cure can stop seasickness. However, you can follow some easy hacks to make your fishing experience mesmerizing.

What is Seasickness?

It’s a type of motion sickness that comes when you are in the sea. Approximately 10% of the people are likely to experience motion sickness while in the sea. But you don’t need to worry as the survival rate from seasickness is 100%.

When you are on the sea, and your brain stops receiving enough signals from your sight and hearing, that’s the beginning of seasickness. Your brain will consider this situation as an overload and might force you to vomit to lighten your insides.

Once you pop out the contents of your stomach, you begin to feel ill in the sea.

How to Know If You Have Seasickness

Seasickness will show its symptoms once you get onboard. If you are to experience seasickness, you will see the following symptoms:

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Cold Sweat

Moreover, these symptoms can go from mild to severe. Even some people become so weak that they can’t function properly. But again, seasickness is temporary.

How Can You Overcome Seasickness?

The following tips will help you tackle seasickness:

Stay Hydrated

While preparing your small camper for fishing, make sure you keep lots of water and diluted sports drinks to avoid seasickness. Also, drink a good amount of fluid before and during the fishing journey.

When you keep your hydration level at an optimum level, the chances of suffering from seasickness get reduced. Therefore, pack more than required and light sports drinks to prevent seasickness.

Avoid Alcoholic Drinks

The best practice is not to drink any kind of alcoholic drink the night before going to the sea. Alcohol has the tendency to enhance the chances of seasickness. If you indulge in alcohol, your body might react severely to seasickness, which means that the symptom might intensify.

Take a Light Meal

One of the best tricks is to eat light before sailing on a fishing boat. That will help your digestive system to work properly. Then, even if you begin to feel sick, you can easily avoid vomiting and creating a mess around.

Try to avoid eating the following foods as they can easily upset your stomach while you are in the sea.

  • Acidic
  • Spicy
  • Greasy
  • Processed

The best-recommended food for a sea trip are fruits, vegetables, and oatmeal. Besides, avoid boarding the ship empty-stomach. That will make the situation in your stomach even worse.

Sleep Well

Make sure you complete your sleep the night before fishing in the sea. When you get a night of sound sleep, your brain refreshes and gets ready to function properly.

Also, you have to prepare your Recreational Vehicle (RV) and pack the fishing equipment. That will require energy as well.

Moreover, it’s also important to wake up at a suitable time. Sleeping more or less than necessary will affect the performance of your brain, especially while you are fishing in the middle of the sea.

Sit in the Middle

If you feel that seasickness is likely to hit you, sit in the middle of the boat. You can also stay above the deck. These two positions will help you maintain balance and lessen motion effects on your body.

Don’t Focus on the Waves

While you are on the boat, avoid staring at the waves. That changes the frequency of your brain and sends you into a meditative state. As a result, seasickness is triggered. Therefore, keep yourself busy talking and fixing some fishing gears. If you really want to enjoy nature, look at the horizon.

Take Deep Breaths

If you feel seasick, find a good space on the deck and lie down. Now start taking Diaphragmatic Breathing or deep breaths from your stomach. That will help reduce nausea. It’s better to lie outside because fresh air works pretty well in dealing with the symptoms of seasickness, especially nausea.

Final Thoughts

Seasickness is common while fishing and sailing in the sea. However, you can easily reduce its effect by following the above preventive tips. You can also keep Cyclizine and Dramamine with you to reduce seasickness and make the most of your in-sea fishing experience.

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