How to Use a Camping Percolator

How to Use a Camping Percolator

Enjoying a cozy night or waking up with the sun while camping is incomplete without a delicious cup of coffee. Even if you are staying in the woods, a camping percolator is what you need to make yourself a cup of coffee. For that, you should know how to use a camping percolator.

What is a Camping Coffee Percolator?

A camping percolator is a coffee brewer, which is quite famous in the U.S. Not only at home, but you can carry a percolator in your small camper and enjoy the best coffee while camping. 

Now, let’s discuss the types, parts, and working of a camping percolator.

Types of a Percolator

There are mainly two types of a percolator:

  • Electric percolator
  • Stovetop percolator

Electric Percolator

It’s an automatic percolating machine that stops when the coffee doesn’t need any more brewing. That way, you don’t need to keep an eye all the time when you are making coffee. Therefore, an electric percolator allows you to be versatile. You can carry out other tasks as sitting idle while camping should never be an option.

Besides, some electric percolators switch to WARNING mode when the coffee is ready. So you will know when to stop the brewing after looking at the warning status.

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Stovetop Percolator

Unlike electric percolators, you should keep watching a stovetop percolator and remove it from the heat when the coffee brewing is done. Moreover, you will not get any warning signs when the coffee is ready inside the stovetop percolator.

If you don’t remove the percolator from the heat when the coffee is ready, the taste of the coffee will become bitter. That might also kill the mood because no one wants to sip coffee with an unpleasant taste due to overboiling.

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Parts of a Percolator

Here are important parts of a percolator:

Cover Knob

How will you see the status of your coffee in a stovetop percolator? To know whether the coffee is ready, the manufacturers have made a standard to use a cover knob. This knob is made of glass or plastic. 

Since it’s translucent, you can easily see the color of the coffee. Therefore, it’s important to keep the cover knob clean. That way, you will have a clear view of what’s going on inside the stovetop percolator.

However, it’s not necessary to clean the knob on an electric percolator as it automatically stops the brewing process.

Spreader Cover

This cover has a hole that fits the pump stem. You can cover a percolator’s basket using a spreader cover. Moreover, this cover keeps the coffee beans from splashing upwards.


It has a central tube-shaped opening through which you pass the pump stem. Moreover, a basket has small holes that filter out the small grains of coffee. You can put a filter paper during the infusion process to get the best taste of coffee.

Pump Stem

It’s the main component of a percolator which sits in the middle of the jar. It makes the percolator brew coffee for you. In a stovetop percolator, you will find a round base that easily snugs at the top. 

On the other hand, an electric percolator has a ringed-base pump stem that fits in the cavity. You have to keep the base of the pump stem clean. Moreover, it should not be damaged from anywhere. Otherwise, your percolator will not work properly.

How to Make Coffee in Percolator?

Here is how you can make coffee in a percolator:

  1. Pour water into the percolator’s pot according to your requirement. However, the standard coffee measurement is 8 fluid ounces.
  2. Put the basket on the pump stem carefully and place them into the pot. Make sure that the pump stem fits properly in the bottom cavity of an electric percolator.
  3. If you want to use filter paper, put it inside the basket.
  4. Add ground coffee to the basket according to your taste.
  5. Put the spreader cover in the basket.
  6. Close the knob and make sure the pot is securely closed.
  7. Plug the cable into the travel trailer power source for electric percolators. They will stop brewing once the coffee is ready.
  8. For stovetop percolators, keep checking the desired color of coffee and the brewing status from the cover knob.
  9. Once the coffee is ready, serve it or pour it in a thermos. That will keep the coffee hot and fresh.

Final Words

Camping percolators are a useful device to make coffee while camping. For an electric percolator, you should have a power source to heat the pot. However, a stovetop percolator is a standalone coffee brewer, which will only need a heating source to brew a tasty coffee for you.

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