Is Aspen Glen Picnic Area Good for Snow?

Is Aspen Glen Picnic Area Good for Snow?

Americans look for more picnic opportunities than any other nation in the western hemisphere. A short family picnic in a place close to nature is all you need to go for a much-needed detox and family time.

So if you’re planning a picnic at the Aspen Glen Picnic in San Bernardino National Forest during winters, you probably are interested in seeing snow and doing snow activities. 

Well the good news is that this area gets plenty of snow during the winters. You might want to travel to the Aspen Glen area for a chilling adventure around Big Bear Lake, whether you’re a local or a traveler. 

Accessing the Aspen Glen Picnic Area

Located in Southern California in San Bernardino National Forest, Aspen Glen can be accessed after bypassing the Big Bear Lake. The place lies just a few kilometers away from Mill Creek Road. Aspen Glen picnic area can be seen surrounded by nature once the main resort town is left behind in the dust.

After you reach the Aspen Glen, grab your pass for the adventurous picnic costing $5 for the entire day. 

And if you plan to visit the Aspen Glen area on holiday, keep in mind that it would be a Mission Impossible thing to get a parking lot with free space available.

It’s because snow-loving Californians don’t miss the once-in-a-year chance to celebrate the winters. The Californians usually flood the forested area in thousands. However, before you visit the Aspen Glen, ensure to add a Puffer Jacket to your bag. Otherwise, you are sure to freeze up. 

Why is Aspen Glen Picnic Area Great for Snow Activities?

Although there are tons of snow-filled picnic spots across California, Aspen Glen offers a complete package. The picnic area features all the basic amenities one would love to have certainly if the snowy season is your favorite for a family picnic.

Planning a trip to a snowy land is a better way to enjoy winters in California. Let’s check out the following for a brief review of the amenities.


Sledding is one of the all-time-favorite things to do in the winter for many, and the Aspen Glen area offers many sledding routes. As the winter-lovers say, what’s better than sledding in the snowy weather?

To triple up the fun at the Aspen Glen picnic area, you can play sledding games throughout the day. There are countless sledding routes for the hundreds of visitors to ensure nobody has to wait for their turn for hours. The snow-filled routes offer different variations for the self-proclaimed champions of sledding.

Ski Resort

There is nothing better than skiing with your friends and family. We all love crashing into the snow while skiing, and there is nothing wrong with it. Skiing is as thrilling as riding an ATV in a sandy area.

While sledding is just one of the many amenities, you can also explore the nearby ski resort for a few games at a reasonable cost. The ski resort offers standard skiing facilities for both the pro and beginners.

Barbeque Site

From the shops to the cafes offering hot beverages, you can find every other amenity added to keep the visitors warm. This also includes a barbecue site for meat lovers. If hours of physical activity leave you tired, grilling your favorite meat dish on your own could be a not-so-bad idea.

You can also join dozens of other families and exchange food with them. A proper barbecue site at a picnic area is the best thing.

The Scenery

Apart from the basic amenities, Aspen Glen also offers scenic viewers for the visitors. Just roam around the area, and you will find a number of spots offering scenes. From the breathtaking Big Bear Lake to the forested region, there are many scenes to find.

The snow covers the forest and turns it all into a green-white land hiding anything that comes with colors. A plain-white view backed by a bit of greenish background is worth seeing. All these scenes alone pay off for the entire trip.

For the people of the sunshine state of California, the Aspen Glen region could be more than just a picnic area. This natural region is best suited for the adventurers that too if winter is all they prefer.  

Wrap Up

So yes, the Aspen Glen Picnic area is good for snow and you can take on many fun snow activities. It does get crowded when it’s snow season but the mountain views and forest greenery covered with snow makes up for it. 

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