Is It Bad to Go Hiking While Pregnant?

Is It Bad to Go Hiking While Pregnant?

After hitting the second trimester, many pregnant women experience a surge in energy and are ready for every adventurous activity. This is the main reason your doctor recommends you to walk with that bumpy womb.

But what about the challenging version of walking? Is it bad to go hiking while pregnant? Not at all! Hiking during pregnancy is safe if you do it moderately, with precautions, limits, and after your doctor’s approval.

So, what should you follow to hike safely during pregnancy? First, let’s dive into a short guideline for a preggo hiker.

Can Hiking Cause Miscarriage?

Miscarriages are unintentional, and such accidents can happen to anyone. But as per some studies, prenatal exercise is not linked to miscarriages, and you’ll find such accidents with a chance of less than 1%. The same applies to hiking. However, you should always hike with care.

Tips for Hiking During Pregnancy

We know that hiking during pregnancy is harmless if done the right way. But what is the correct way? Here are some tips:

Consult With Your Doctor First

No matter how well-prepared you are for your next hike, you will still need your doctor’s permission because everyone’s body, fitness, and pregnancy levels vary. Only a doctor can give the safest advice regarding exercises during pregnancy.

Since hiking demands more power and energy than brisk walking, your doctor might cancel your hiking expedition if they find it unsafe for your body.

Take Your Partner

If you are accustomed to going hiking alone before your pregnancy days, it’s not the right time to repeat the same routine.

To carry your drinks, food, or other belongings, you will need someone to help you out. The most crucial role of your companion would be to save you in an emergency, as safety is the primary concern for pregnant women.

Know Your Track

For a hiking mama who’s already engaged with sudden mood swings, getting lost on a problematic track can be haunting. The extra baby weight will deprive you of all balance and motivation to tackle any accidents. Thus ideally, you should study your hiking trail beforehand and choose the safest one for you and your baby.

Employ Hiking Poles

Like many other features, the center of gravity varies significantly in a pregnant body, and you might be out of balance real quick. That’s why it’s great to trek with hiking poles to fill in. We recommend using foam handlings with webbing straps for a more secure and adjustable grip.

Carry Loads of Water and Food

Hiking demands a lot of energy and hydration, and these demands amplify during pregnancy. So, it’s best to carry copious amounts of snacks and water bottles with you. The best solution is to store stock in your parked RV.

Prepare for Frequent Bathroom Visits

Perhaps the most significant nuisance that every mommy-to-be hates is dealing with infrequent urgency to pee. Unfortunately, with an already compressed bladder and regular drink sessions, you will experience urgent and here’s how you can deal with it:

  • Look for nearby bathrooms on the trail map (preferably before trekking).
  • Carry biodegradable wipes or toilet paper.
  • Install a camper with bathrooms to overcome the need.  

What to Wear Hiking While Pregnant?

The choice of attire during hiking becomes more critical during pregnancy. Here’s what you can wear:

  • Stretchy tank tops or shirts to bear your body’s shape, sweat, and heat.
  • A support belt to support and relieve the pain of your bump (after a doctor’s consultation).
  • Stretchy, loosely fit, and/or breathable skorts, tights, etc. (ensure your legs are fully covered).

What Is the Highest Altitude a Woman Should Hike?

Doctors recommend hiking no more than 12,000 feet during pregnancy. It’s because maintaining an altitude of 10,000 to 12 000 feet retains the normal blood-oxygen levels. Above this range, blood-oxygen levels will decline abruptly and put the fetus and mother at risk.

Benefits of Hiking During Pregnancy

Being a good form of cardio, hiking helps in strengthening leg and core muscles and maintaining the blood pressure. Plus, exercise during pregnancy helps in shorter labor, gestational diabetes, and healthier pregnancy. 

Moreover, the calmness and satiety that hiking brings takes away all stress from a pregnant hiker. 

Final Thoughts

Hiking has impressive health benefits during pregnancy and will keep your body ready for the upcoming challenge, i.e., baby’s delivery. So, it’s completely fine to go hiking while pregnant. 

However, you need to be genuinely prepared and ready for your hiking adventure. If you’re not sure how to hike safely while pregnant, the tips mentioned in this blog will surely help you out.