Jayco Glacier Package: Reviewed

Jayco Glacier Package: Reviewed

After sundown, your RV or trailer must suffer the cold during cold nights. Sometimes, your vehicle might not be made from the best insulation materials, making them more susceptible to the cold. In those extreme times, it is beneficial for RV owners to have extra insulation for their vehicles.

With that in mind, not all RVs are allergic to snow. Many manufacturers have arctic packages that can help them withstand extreme temperatures on your weekend trip. Jayco is among those top manufacturers that help ensure your RV is safe and sound in freezing weather.

In this article, let us review everything the company offers with their Glacier pack and if it is necessary for your RV’s safety.

What Is the Jayco Glacier Package?

The Jayco Glacier Pack is an extra protective layer against the cold for RVs. The package offers additional insulation to your RV and trailer’s underbelly. Furthermore, you also have a small furnace duct directed to your pipes and tanks. This additional insulation comprises spray foam or plastic.

Once the Glacier pack is installed in your RV, it can protect your pipes and tank up to zero degrees Fahrenheit. The pack is an add-on feature with a reasonable price and exceptional performance.

What Is Included in the Package?

The Jayco Glacier package includes several materials for installation, including plastic materials for the underbelly, tinted windows, fiberglass, and a heating duct. The installation process requires an expert hand, but since your RV can withstand extreme temperatures once it is completed, it is worth the effort.

The Jayco Climate shield is the ultimate weather protection package. The system offers four-season engineering for your trailer, providing you with an extended camping season. In addition, the efficient cooling and heating system can protect your RV even when the temperature hits over 100 degrees Fahrenheit or zero degrees Fahrenheit.

How Does It Work?

The company uses fully enclosed heating systems for your trailer’s underbelly and double-sided flex foil insulation. In addition, the shield uses the following ways to protect your trailer and RVs:

Heated Underbelly

First and foremost, Jayco uses forced air and radiant heat protection for your trailer and RV’s tanks. This enables the system to protect the lines in your RV from freezing. Furthermore, it provides added insulation and warmer temperature during extreme cold.

PEX Plumbing

Jayco’s Glacier Package comes with PEX-tested water lines. These water lines ensure added protection in cold temperatures. They have been tested to protect in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Double Layer Fiberglass

The double-layer fiberglass technology in the glacier pack provides extreme insulation and keeps your space warm and comfortable at night. The double layer of front cap fiberglass is an added layer of protection to block out any heat or cold.

Tinted Windows

The package also comes with tinted windows for your vehicle. This enables the windows to block any excess sunlight from entering your RV or trailer. Furthermore, all the heat blockage by the windows prevents overheating in your space, prevents your air conditioner from overloading, and keeps you cozy.


Jayco has conducted various tests for climate control, independent cold testing, heat testing, and water tank testing. For these tests, the company took five towables to a climate control facility and carried out these tests on them. Each of these towables withstood the conditions with ease and remained fully functional afterward.

All their plumbing was as good as new after the tests. Furthermore, heat sensors placed within the towables to check the rise in temperature showed optimum results after the tests.

Lastly, the technicians emptied the holding tanks to check for any final freezing. As the underbelly was fully enclosed, the climate shield’s forced air, and radiant heat system held up to zero degrees Fahrenheit with no visible issues being detected.

Is the Jayco Glacier Package Necessary?

Finally, the question arises – is the Jayco Glacier Package necessary for your RV? It depends on your camping habits. People who like to camp in colder or warmer regions where temperatures can go up to 100 degrees or as low as zero degrees might need the extra protection.

In such regions, it wouldn’t hurt to have Jayco’s added protection to keep you safe in any extreme weather conditions. However, the glacier pack may not be necessary for people who like to camp in regions that do not touch extreme temperatures.

Even though the extra protection may add a sense of safety in an emergency, the chances of you needing the system are far too low.

However, if you think you will be camping in the colder regions or deserts soon, you might want to install the glacier pack just in case. Furthermore, it will provide added protection on nights when it gets cold without prior notice.

Some Additional Accessories

You might need to add a few extra accessories to complete your RV’s winter preparations. Firstly, get a few small space dehumidifiers to avoid mildew growth in your RV. Secondly, install space heaters to warm up your space and the package’s heaters.

Lastly, install RV skirting that wraps around your RV. This helps your RV stay warm when your vehicle is stationary for long periods. In addition, this will help heat retention within the RV when you are asleep in the cold.

After pairing these up with your Jayco Glacier pack, your RV will be nothing short of a four-season RV.


In conclusion, let us give you our take on it. The Glacier Package by Jayco is reasonably priced for RV owners and adds extra protection for bad days. Your RV can survive all types of extreme conditions, expanding your options for camping locations.

With that in mind, getting a Glacier package for climate change is an excellent option for you and your family. The product ensures comfort and safety on your worst and best days of camping. Make sure you install everything with help from an expert to avoid any safety hazards on your camping days out in the cold or hot weather.

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