Montana High Country Common Problems and Fixe

Montana High Country Common Problems and Fixe

Camping trips are a popular recreational activity for many people. Heading outdoors with family is surely a wonderful experience, but it may become challenging with a wrong choice of vehicle. 

Therefore, many camping enthusiasts prefer to buy larger vehicles to make their trip comfortable. 

The Montana High Country is an incredible fifth-wheeler designed to accommodate up to 10 people. However, with plenty of storage space and other facilities, the RV often faces issues that can be pretty bothersome. The good thing is that you can easily fix them with a few helpful troubleshooting methods. 

Read this post to learn more about the popular Keystone RV Montana High Country, its common problems, and their solutions. 

Montana High Country Prominent Features

This RV is a favorite of many campers due to the following features:

Large Size and Heavy Weight

One big reason why many campers would love to invest their money in the Montana high country is its weight and size. The RV, unlike other campers, is tall, which adds to its weight. So, if you have a big family, you can easily cater to all of them with this RV.

Designed for Families 

The RV emphasizes accommodation for big families. The Montana High Country offers comfortable sleeping space for up to 10 people with bunkhouses, two bedrooms, and additional storage space under its belly to fit all your family’s belongings. 

Many models also feature two awnings to keep you cool outside. Moreover, the RV has a towing hitch for all your sports gear. 

Focus on Luxury

The Montana High Country is the epitome of luxury as it provides you with several premium features. An excellent fireplace heater, a stylish kitchen, reclining theater seats, etc., are all great features to have in an RV.

Common Problems with the Montana High Country 

The luxury RV often suffers from a few issues that need to be fixed. Like all other RVs, the Montana High Country requires timely repairs and maintenance. Here are a few commonly occurring problems and their fixes. 

Hitch Issues

The Montana High Country fifth-wheel is indeed a large RV. Anyone looking at this RV can instantly expect to enjoy the comfort and space this RV has to offer. However, the large size also accounts for the RV’s high weight. Therefore, most people encounter a common problem with this RV while towing it. 

For towing such a huge vehicle, the hitch system should be durable and strong. The high weight will put immense pressure on your tow bar’s tongue while towing the RV. For instance, if the tow bar breaks while you’re driving due to the excessive pressure, it can lead to unexpected disasters on the road.

In addition, the frame of your towing vehicle may also become damaged as a result of the trailer’s high weight. Therefore, you should get a tow bar that’s robust and sturdy enough to handle all the load easily.

You can also ensure that the weight is evenly distributed before towing the RV to reduce the tongue pressure. Since if you keep the hitch well maintained, the chances for you to face any trouble with it will be significantly reduced. 

Lastly, you must disconnect the tow bar as soon as you’re done using it to keep your truck’s frame from damage. 

Electrical Problems 

The Montana High Country features some incredible electrical appliances that can elevate your traveling experience. For instance, it comes with a spacious refrigerator to store all your favorite snacks and drinks, a 40-50 inch LCD TV with a stereo system, LED lights for power awning, etc.  

However, all these electronic appliances can suddenly come to a halt due to a system glitch. So, you need to counter the nuisance with some handy tricks to fix the issue. 

First off, you should check the appliance’s connection since it may have become loose. As a result of which, your devices may stop working. If a connection is found loose, you can simply tighten the wiring to ensure a stable connection. 

A common reason for this is moving the electronics inside your RV. However, once the connection has been secured, you can start using your devices again. 

In contrast, if replugging the wires doesn’t work, you need to check your power outlets. 

For this, you can use your voltmeter or plug in a functional electronic device such as a lamp. In case the outlet is at fault, you can get it replaced or repaired. If all outlets are still not working, you should check your RV’s generator or battery. 

Damaged Furniture

Another frequent issue many Montana High Country users deal with is damaged furniture. Usually, the furniture comes faulty at the time of purchase.

You must contact your relevant dealer and support team to discuss the issue and explain all necessary details without missing anything important.

Expensive vehicles such as this Keystone stone RV come with warranty services for a limited period. So, if you discover any furniture issues within the warranty period, you can easily get them fixed without paying anything for the replacement. 

However, you must go through the warranty terms and conditions beforehand to know how the service works. If your case checks all boxes, you’ll be able to have new furniture for the RV in no time.

Furnace Issues

RVs can be great for camping during the chilly winter season, but what if your furnace doesn’t work? 

The furnace for the Montana High Country may not work properly sometimes. For instance, the burner lights may go out after a while. In such cases, you should check if the fan is clean and the furnace receives sufficient air. If you see any blocked airways, you must clean them to start the furnace.

You can also check the gas or fuel supply for the furnace. If there’s not enough gas, the furnace won’t burn properly. 

Slide Out Issues

The Montana High Country and other Keystone Rvs can often cause you trouble with slide-outs. These issues are generally easy and cheap to resolve. 

However, if you ignore the problem, you may cause more damage to the slide-out mechanism. As a result, it may cost you more money for repairs. 

Here are some common reasons for this problem:

Insufficient Power

Slide-outs need a stable electrical connection to function correctly. Therefore, if the electrical supply is compromised for any reason, the slide-out may become dysfunctional. 

Check your RV’s wiring, battery, or fuse to ensure that they are in place. If anything seems to be at fault, you can get it repaired. 

Stuck Objects

Your RV slide-outs may glitch due to some random object stuck in them. This issue is usually quick to resolve as you can remove the object from the driving system without any hassle. 

Damaged Rail System

If the slide-out rail system is damaged, the slide-outs may not move as they should and produce a loud noise. In such instances, you can check if the railing is twisted or bent to get them aligned. 

Insufficient Lubrication

Slide-outs require proper lubrication to reduce friction between the moving parts. If they run out of good lubrication, the components may suffer from wear and tear. As a result, you may need to repair or replace these parts to get the slide-out function as required. 

Final Thoughts

The Montana High Country is undoubtedly an amazing RV to travel with your family. However, since the RV is so large, it may often create some trouble for you to manage the weight and pressure. 

Fortunately, other problems such as trouble with slide-outs, faulty furniture, electrical devices, etc., are easy to solve with problem troubleshooting methods. 

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