New Balance 769 Review

New Balance 769 Review

Every runner knows what they want from a good pair of running shoes. Taking part in sports requires comfort and flexibility for an athlete. Unfortunately, many people around the globe are ready to spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of shoes to get that comfort.

A good shoe must be comfortable, lightweight, supportive, and have excellent cushioning. Luckily for shoe enthusiasts, the New Balance 769 has them all. The shoe comes with all the factors, ready to enlighten your journey whenever you choose to wear them. 

Be it running, hiking, trailing, or just walking around the park, the New Balance 769 has all the qualities to be­ your go-to companion. Let us have an in-depth view of everything the pair has to offer.

New Balance 769: Specifications

New Balance 769 is a shoe for daylong comfort. It offers excellent durability and cushioning. With a breathable fabric lining and a great in-show feel, here are some specifications for the pair:

  • Name: New Balance 769 (MR or WR)
  • Weight: 7 oz. or 332 grams.
  • Colors: Brown Horizon, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Grey, Dark Grey, Grey Rose Gold, Bungee Chocolate, and many more.
  • Material Composition: Mesh/Suede
  • Outer Material: Leather
  • Sole: Synthetic
  • Closure: Lace-up
  • Midsole: ABZORB
  • Heel Type: Low Heel

Why Choose New Balance 769?

Hiking shoes are all the hype for packing up for a big trip. As a result, several manufacturers launch newer versions of many of their products each year for adventure enthusiasts. Similarly, New Balance 769 is among the top competitors with its signature pair of shoes.

New Balance offers excellent value for money with these incredibly lightweight pair of shoes. In addition, the company provides several options for both men and women to choose from, making it a popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts.

The company guarantees comfort to its customers with every pair. The new improvements to the sole unit,  the P1 technology, and the N-lock webbing system make it stand out from other competitors. New Balance 769 are undoubtedly the shoes you need for your next trip.

Recommended For

The New Balance 769 are shoes made for everyone. However, if they had to pinpoint a specific category for their product, they would pick walkers.

The all-new technology within the shoes is specially designed to serve daily walkers and runners and bring comfort to their heels and feet. The new sole unit for the show comes as an update to the previous New Balance 768, but their shoe philosophy has not changed. As a result, the shoe is still a good value for money and offers excellent stability.

New Balance 769 Sole Unit

Firstly, the all-new sole unit has forefoot cushioning and TPU plastic around the mid-foot. Secondly, the shoe’s heel is split into two partially independent sections that can collapse at different times. Thirdly, the new sole unit uses Abzorb DTS technology, making it a significant enhancement compared to its predecessor.

The DTS technology comprises a three-layer system made for cushioning. The system is made from several plastic pods sandwiched between two layers. This enables the shoe to be an excellent shock absorber, saving your feet from injuries.

On the other hand, the inner side of the heel is a different story. It lies directly on top of the TS2 density post. As a result, it contains more rigid foam than the rest of the midsole. This is done to prevent the foot from collapsing too much, also known as overpronation.

The plastic shank used within the New Balance 769 feels more solid than the one used in the 768. In addition, it has excellent resistance when it comes to torsion. To sum it up, the overall impression makes it look slightly stiffer in some places, but it is overall very comfortable.

New Balance 769 Upper

The upper for the New Balance 769 is built on PL1. PL1 is a unique design to provide a better fit while running. We observed this improvement on a few newer New Balance shoes. However, the feedback for this improvement has been positive and boosted the brand’s popularity even further.

The shoe has an excellent combination of synthetic overlays made from high-quality leather. These are strategically put together to connect the midsole with the shoe’s lacing system. This is called the N-lock webbing system. Both elements form the N logo to support the medial and lateral sides of the foot.

Furthermore, this makes the upper much more effective in adding more support. However, the overall size of each pair is affected and might require you to try one before buying.

Other additions to the shoe include Phantom Liners to minimize the stitching effect and reduce blister issues among customers. The open mesh lacing system, and its ability to dry out quickly help keep the moisture out. 


The New Balance 769 is in serious competition with other shoes made exclusively for runners and other athletes. However, they offer the four core things mentioned at the beginning of this review: comfort, lightweight, cushioning, and support.

Also, the shoe comes with significant improvements compared to their other pairs and is an excellent value for money in the broad market of high-quality shoes.

Their adoption of the new PL1 system changes how the shoe fits into a customer’s feet. It has a brand new feel but requires you to buy half a size larger than the ones you usually get. Customers who are hard to fit when it comes to shoe size might need to run to the store for reassurance on this one.

The New Balance 769 makes running easier for everyone. The improvements made on the rubber soles are a significant factor when it comes to customers recommending this specific pair. It goes along with the natural movement of a person’s feet, flexing the grooves as we go.

They put much less pressure on the calluses regarding propulsion and heel strike. Paired with a good pair of socks, the cushioning is phenomenal. We would gladly recommend the New Balance 769 to anyone for a pain-free and relaxing experience.

Furthermore, the New Balance 769 has been the shoe of choice for many marathon runners, making them good as running shoes too.


New Balance is keen on making improvements to all their products. We have taken the time to compare them to various running and hiking shoes. In conclusion, we think that the New Balance 769 is worth the price tag. They are a lightweight, comfortable, and sleek-looking pair of shoes for your everyday needs.

Whether you like to trek in the hills or just need a quick run every morning before work, this pair has you covered. Their lace-up closure with suede leather gives them a great look. Furthermore, the light cushioning on the pair keeps them comfortable on your feet, as if they aren’t even there.

We recommend you check out these shoes in the store and see the difference for yourself. We assure you, it will impress you.

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