Off-Grid Cabin Lighting Ideas

Off-Grid Cabin Lighting Ideas

Living off-grid is a daunting challenge. It comes with a unique experience, freedom of living, and making a difference in the world. Many people opt to go off-grid in a camper or an RV, while others prefer building a cabin to spend some time away from the city buzz.

If you’re searching for some great ideas to light up your cabin or camper, you’re in the right place. This post is all about off-grid lighting. So, come on board and check out these options to light up your cabin. 

Natural Light

The sun is always generous with its light. Natural light alone is enough to light up an entire mansion or building if they are built correctly. So, if you own a cabin or are about to get one, you should attempt to use natural light at maximum during the day. 

As a fact, natural light does not only serve as a lighting option but also helps boost your productivity. The best part about using more natural light during the day is that it improves your mood and can make you happier. Yes, the sun does play its part in putting a smile on your face. 

Therefore, renovating your cabin or choosing an off-grid location that receives a lot of daylight can be your best decision. 

Here are some suggestions you can work on to add more natural light to your cabin or small home:

  • Cut skylight
  • Build sunrooms
  • Add solar tubes
  • Install large windows 
  • Choose a reflective color palette

Of course, the sun doesn’t shine the entire day, right? So, what about when it gets darker? Here are some useful lightening ideas for the night time:

Solar-Powered Lights 

Even though the sun has set, you can still utilize its energy by investing in solar-powered lighting for your cabin. This is an unsurprising idea, but there are some innovative solar options you might like to try. 

For instance, solar lights have two distinct forms. One is renowned as self-contained solar lighting, while another form is using solar-charged batteries to power your cabin lights. 

Let’s have a closer look at both of these lighting methods:

Solar-Powered Lanterns or Lights

The self-contained solar-powered light is an easy option to light up your cabin at night. Unlike other lighting options, these lights are affordable and inexpensive. Each light comes with a built-in battery and solar charger. 

You can buy as many lights as you want to brighten up your space. Since these lights are cheap, you can begin your off-grid journey with them. 

For instance, check out these Mpowerd lanterns that are ideal for camping.

However, this lighting option may not serve you much power for an extended period. Also, you may not be able to store them for long. 

Therefore, a simple solution to this problem is getting extra lights. This will help you have enough light whenever needed. 

LED Lights

If you are not impressed by the self-contained solar lights, here’s a better idea. LED lights are brighter and last longer. This option is extremely handy for the long and dark winter season. The lights are highly efficient, and you can run them easily with a battery setup and small solar panel. 

For instance, you can pair a Goal Zero Yeti 400 battery with In Lowa 180W PowerFilm Solar solar panels. 

The combination is pretty easy to use since the battery is plug-and-play and self-contained. So, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of inverters and charge controllers since they are built-in components of the battery. 

You can also attach LED light strings to this small-sized battery to use as outdoor lighting. Don’t worry about the energy consumption as each bulb is efficient and uses 1-watt of energy only.

Battery-Powered Lights 

Your next savior is a battery-powered light. If you’re not interested in investing in solar lights or solar battery setups, battery run lights are a go-to option. 

Have a look at these few battery-powered lights for inspiration: 

Camping Lanterns or Lights

Camping lanterns are a substantial idea for outdoor lighting and decor. They make your cabin look aesthetically pleasing while illuminating it. These lanterns are an affordable option, so you can choose the one for your needs. 

If you ask us, the inexpensive ones work great. 

Camping Headlamps

Camping headlamps, on the other hand, are a nice variation to your lighting mix. In combination with LED lights and solar batteries, these headlamps are perfect for everyday use. 

For instance, if you’re headed outdoors during the night to grab some more firewood, headlamps can be of good use. They can also be convenient to read a book before falling asleep. 

The best part is that these headlamps aren’t too bright and add the right amount of light to your room. Therefore, you can save your main light sources and take assistance from these headlamps. 

You can get the headlamps at quite a reasonable price with amazing quality. 

Portable Power Generators

Generators are great for powering your cabin lights. With several different options to choose from, these generators can provide the right power outage for your needs.

The off-grid power generators can be run using gasoline, diesel, propane, or dual fuels. Moreover, they weigh lighter, are compact, and can be managed easily. 

So, lighting your cabin with generators can be cost-effective since they come in various models. You can choose a small generator that’s inexpensive or a large, robust generator to power heavy electrical appliances, such as refrigerators or laundry machines. 

Oil and Gas Powered Lights 

Moving forward from the modern lighting options, let’s get back to old times. Back in the days, off-grid lighting was all about using fossil fuels. Most rustic options would lighten up the space by burning gas or oil. 

However, when using such an option, you must stay a bit extra cautious and check several safety measures, especially in the case of tiny cabins.

You can check these options for adding light to your cabin:

Kerosene Lamps

Old-school oil lanterns are mostly used indoors as a common lighting option. These lamps usually contain a vessel filled with fuel and a wick for the burning flame. However, the strong smell can create a bit of a nuisance, so you may switch to using paraffin oil. 

When compared to other oil lamps, kerosene lamps are usually considered safe. But you must perform a few routine checks to ensure maximum safety. 

Have a look at these safety measures you should take care of while using a kerosene or paraffin lamp:

  • Choose a moderate combustible oil and avoid using highly ignitable fuels such as alcohol, acetone, or propane.
  • Let your lamp cool down before refueling it, as a hot lamp can easily catch fire.
  • Maintain the correct oil level.
  • Keep your pets and children away from these lamps as they may break them, which can ignite a fire instantly. 
  • Keep your cabin well-ventilated, mainly when you’re using multiple kerosene lamps.

Propane Lights

Mounting lights on your cabin walls is an excellent lighting alternative. For this, you can count on propane lights. They look fancy enough for a perfect Instagram picture and may elevate your cabin’s interior. 

However, it may demand a constant refill, so you should be prepared to take a run every once your propane gas cylinder runs out of fuel. So, you may opt for this idea only if you can manage the hassle. 

Propane lights are also suitable for cabins that do not receive enough sunlight. You can rely on propane lights if you experience the dark and long winter season, as lighting your cabin with battery charged light will cost you too much.

Wax Candles

Lastly, a pack of candles is a must for every household. Candles serve many purposes, whether you would like to enjoy a romantic dinner or light up your cabin. Moreover, candles are perfect as a backup lighting option, so you can always light up a few candles whenever you’re in an emergency. 

Final Thoughts

Achieving the right balance between interior lights and natural light for your cabin can help you enjoy your off-grid living experience at best. You can select from multiple options, such as rechargeable LEDs, oil lamps, solar-powered lights, battery-powered lights, candles, or even off-grid power generators to illuminate your cabin. 

With the right lighting option for your needs, you can save your lighting costs and make living off-grid even more sustainable. 

All the lighting options mentioned earlier are available in several attractive designs and styles. So, pick any and make your off-grid cabin look a bit fancy.

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