R-Pod 179 Specs

R-Pod 179 Specs

Today’s trailers are so advanced that they feel like home. What is better than being able to take your home along with you on your travels? Infact, there are some trailers that can probably be more luxurious and comfortable than your house.

The R-Pod RP-179 trailer is the perfect luxurious solution for your camping trips. Its unique features include a rear kitchen, queen bed, a wet bath, and a u-dinette.  


The R-Pod 179 trailer is 20 feet long and 8 feet wide. Therefore, it will be easy to drive and park the trailer bus. In addition, the height is 9 feet 7 inches, meaning that you can comfortably stand and walk around the trailer.  

There are three tanks installed in the trailer. A 30-gallon tank each of freshwater, gray water, and black water. 

The freshwater tank capacity is not enough to last a day since one person uses around 100 gallons of water per day. However, if the gray water is being recycled to be used in flushes, the reliance on freshwater can be lessened.

 Moreover, you will have to empty the black water and gray water tank at least twice a day. 

Exterior Features


The trailer bus is made primarily of Lamilux Azdel Fiberglass. The roofing is of Tufflex PVC, and it comes with a 15-year-long warranty. Lightweight welded aluminum is used for sidewalls and floors. 

The windows are tinted glass to protect from glare and solar heat absorption. The entrance doorsteps are made of double aluminum. The entrance door has a small window opening. 


The lights on the exterior are all LED, as they are energy efficient. There is also a tiny LED light on the license plate. 

The exterior reception is as high as 120 V in all models. In selected models, there are LED clearance lights at the rear spoiler.

Other Features 

There is a high-pressure spray port installed on the exterior that you can use to clean up your RV. in select models. 

There is also a feature of an outside shower. You can use this after a swim at the beach, for example. Alongside these features, there is a sewer hose carrier as well. This is used to empty the gray water and black water tanks. 

The trailer also includes a flat LED television screen, so you will find a TV and stereo antenna for catching signals on the roof. The RV also has outside speakers. 

This can be helpful if you are camping out or having an outdoor gathering with your friends. 

Interior Features

The interior height is six and a half feet. Therefore, it will be comfortable to walk around the trailer for most people. There are 4-speed fans so that the interior does not become suffocating.


The hardwood drawers have ball-bearing extensions for easy and smooth opening. The kitchen cabinets are designed in a residential style. An exciting feature is the collapsible clothing hangers which save a lot of space.


The Queen bed is 60 x 74 inches big. It is comfortable enough for two people to rest in. You can turn on the reading lights at night for a cozy environment. There are USB charging ports on each side for easy access.  

The bedroom also includes a closet with enough space to hang your clothes. 


The bathroom includes a Thetford toilet and a shower space separated by curtains. In addition, it has pocket organizers for your toiletries and beauty products.

In select models, there is a wet bath and a sink and toilet. In other models, there is an option of a dry bath.


You can quickly cook up a snack or your breakfast in the RV. The rear kitchen has wide counter space and two cooking ranges with a flush mount glass cover. 

Moreover, it also has a convection microwave oven and a double-door refrigerator. The refrigerator also includes a water dispenser.

The RV also includes a 75 x 45 inches u-dinette. The u-dinette can be converted into a sleeping space at night. 

Other Features 

You do not have to worry about keeping extra batteries or power banks. The RV has several USB charging ports for all your gadgets.


Whether you are thinking of taking a trip far or near your home, a camper bus can transform your journey. You will have the freedom to stop mid-way from sleeping under the starry sky. Or take off whenever you wish. 

It can be an experience of a lifetime to live off-grid while traveling to a scenic destination.

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