Replace RV Slide Out Bottom Material Tip

Replace RV Slide Out Bottom Material Tip

Your RV flooring has worn out? It’s time you replace it. The process is rather simple, and only consists of a few steps.

Although all RVs come with new and shiny floorings, they might look dull or get damaged over time due to excessive use. Therefore, you should replace them to prevent any damage to the slide-out. 

For customization freaks, replacing the RV slide out is an excellent opportunity to customize their RV’s flooring with some modern floor looks. 

If you’re unsure where to begin, you can read this article to learn valuable tips. So, grab your tools and start replacing your RV flooring material.

Steps for Replacing the RV Slide-Out Floor

To replace your RV slide-out floor, you can use several different methods. However, some of these methods vary depending on your floor’s size. 

Generally, this is the RV slide-out floor replacement procedure:

  1. First, remove all your furniture and belongings and store them in a safe spot.
  2. Then, extend your RV’s slide out completely.
  3. The next step is to use hydraulic jacks to support the slide-out from the outside and inside your RV. You can also use sturdy 4x4s or 2x4s. This will prevent the slide from bending, flexing, or moving while repairing it. 
  4. Remove the worn-out floor material. You should complete this step carefully as the old flooring may be too weak. As a result, it may break apart, making the job more difficult for you. In addition, you should put this material to the side to keep you from tripping over it. 
  5. Now, install your new slide-out floor. This step may vary for different RVs due to varying floor sizes. For instance, if you’re looking for plywood flooring around 12′ 3″, you may not find it at your local plywood store. Therefore, you need to figure out some way to fit the available plywood pieces into the large slide flooring. 
  6. Once you’re done replacing the floor, you can remove all jacks and draw back your slide. 

Now, let’s have a look at replacing different types of RV floorings.

How Can You Replace Your Plywood Flooring?

To remove the plywood flooring, you may need a helping hand, such as a person or anything that can hold up the plywood for removing the screws. This is because the flooring may fall out after you remove the screws. 

Typically, you’d have to remove the braces your RV manufacturer has placed for holding the material’s weight. Therefore, supporting your slide-out is essential to prevent it from damaging during the process. 

So, when you have arranged the necessary support to hold your flooring, you can start removing the screws. Once all screws have been removed, remove the flooring. 

Now, you can start installing the new plywood. The type of plywood you should use generally depends upon the size of your slide-out. To make your flooring water-resistant, you should use marine-grade plywood

However, if you do not have a budget to afford plywood, you can use other waterproof materials to protect your new flooring. 

For instance, you can use waterproof tape or a tarp-like substance. These alternatives will surely protect your flooring from moisture. However, you must stay mindful of using material that may not compromise your slide’s operation. 

However, if you have a conventional RV slide out, you may have to deal with a sandwich. This means that your slide will have three layers in total:

  • A top plywood layer
  • A middle layer with foam insulation
  • A bottom layer of plywood

To complete the floor replacement process, you need to remove all these layers. Don’t forget to check if all layers are protected against moisture and leaks before installing them. 

How to Replace the Slide-Out Material for Your RV? 

Most manufacturers use Darco to help your RV flooring slide better. However, some people can not find the sheets of this material with the desired thickness to replace the old sheets initially installed by the manufacturer. 

Therefore, some people have started to use plastic or resin material instead. But, the process can take a lot of time as you can only glue or press 8 inches at once to prevent bubble formation. 

Using a Darco alternative is possible to replace your RV slide-out flooring, but you need expert advice. So, take suggestions from your peers to know what material may work best for your RV or search on the internet to know more.

Can You Replace Your RV Slide’s Carpeting?

Removing the floor carpet is indeed a tough job, but removing the carpet from an RV slide out is even more tricky. This is because the edges of the carpet are mostly tucked under the molding or slide-out walls. As a result, the removal process consumes a lot of energy and time. 

Regardless, you can start removing the carpet by cutting the carpet’s edges visible to you. However, you must stay careful and refrain from cutting the carpet too deep as it may damage your RV’s sub-flooring material. You can start pulling the carpet from its place as you continue cutting it. 

Once you’re done cutting your carpet, start scraping the glue off. If the carpet was stapled to keep it from moving, you need to remove the staples. 

Removing your old carpet may not always be a great idea. Since keeping carpets clean is a painstaking task compared to other flooring options. Therefore, you can choose a vinyl plank flooring or similar materials for your RV floor. These materials are relatively inexpensive and easy to maintain and clean.

Don’t forget to clean the RV surface from dirt, grease, and debris before carefully installing the new carpet. Besides, you can take assistance from the flooring material manual to complete the process properly.

How to Fix a Sagging Floor for Your RV Slide-Out?

To replace your RV’s floor, you can use a couple of helpful techniques to get the job done. These methods usually vary depending on your slide-out floor’s sag type. 

Before you conclude that your RV floor is sagging, you should confirm if it is not a design made on purpose. This is because several RV slide-outs are built to sag slightly. This helps them drain water efficiently and keep the floor from rotting.

Moreover, knowing the difference between a sag and a design can help you save effort and time.

Horizontal Sag

To remove a horizontal sag, you can follow these steps:

  1. First, remove the carriage bolt from each slide-out bracket.
  2. Next, leverage or push the outside wall to position the room horizontally.
  3. Lastly, re-tighten all carriage bolts.

Vertical Sag

If you need to remove a vertical sag, follow these steps:

  1. First, loosen the slide-out carriage bolts on each bracket.
  2. Now, loosen or remove the jam nut.
  3. Nest, turn the bolt for vertical adjustment down or up to correct the sag.
  4. Finally, re-tighten the carriage and jam bolts.

Final Thoughts

It’s indeed a challenging job to replace your RV’s bottom and remaining flooring layers. To keep yourself from tripping over and protect your slide-out mechanism, you need to complete the job. 

If you follow each step carefully, you can replace the flooring yourself. However, don’t forget to check your RV’s warranty status before starting the placement process.

If you don’t know where to start, you can always hire a professional to replace the slide-out floors of your RV.

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