RV Pricing Guide 2022 – Is There A Kelley Blue Book For RVs?

It’s a fantastic opportunity to travel the countryside while spending time with your family However, it’s not without challenges. One of the most challenging aspects is purchasing and selling your RV. For many it can be exhausting and lengthy.

There’s plenty of pressure to find the most competitive price and it is difficult to determine whether you’re buying excessively or selling at the wrong price. This is particularly true when you’re looking to upgrade to a bigger vehicle as the family grows.

When it comes time to purchase and selling your RV knowing is the key to success. Knowing what the value of your vehicle is, or if the RV you’re buying and selling offers a fair bargain, could mean an important difference in making an informed decision or being profited from.

There are a variety of methods used to evaluate prices for RVs. Many base their evaluation on the cost of selling from local dealers, whereas others will compare their own model with similar ones available on the market. But any of these strategies are subjective and could not provide a precise image of what the actual market value of your RV is actually.

If you’re considering buying or selling an RV Kelley Blue Book for RVs is the best resource to learn about the worth of used and new models.

But it’s important to keep in mind that even though Kelley Blue Book did indeed have some listings for RVs earlier, it is do not currently actively review used travel trailers or RVs.

There are a variety of alternatives for those seeking to know the market value of their RV. Websites such as NADA, RVTrader, and RVUSA provide RV valuation services which can provide you with an accurate estimation of what your car is worth.

They provide a broad variety of information about specific models, such as make/year/trim/miles with the latest sales prices and information on the inventory levels at local dealerships.

If you’re seeking to purchase or sell an RV, motorhome camper van, or slide-in camper These alternative valuation websites for RVs help you to determine the worth of your vehicle.

The next time you’re wondering if there exists an Kelley Blue Book for RVs and trailers, be aware that there are other resources to assist in determining the price of RVs.

Best Alternative Sources to Kelly Book for RV Pricing Guide

If you’re looking to buy or sell an old RV the first step is usually to establish the value. There are many online valuation tools that will assist you in estimating the value of your vehicle, however they are not all the same. are created equally.

To perform a simple and quick calculation based on factors such as mileage, age types, condition, and type you won’t be disappointed using sites such as NADA, RVTrader or RVUSA.

They use the data of thousands of sales that have actually occurred to estimate a range prices for your vehicle. They also provide complete listing of RVs available for sale and numerous useful tools to help you appreciate the value of your RV.

We suggest checking this three web sites in order to get an accurate estimate of the value of your RV’s worth.

Let’s examine each of them in greater detail.


It is the National Automobile Dealers Association, also known as NADA is among the most well-known sources of RV pricing. If you’re looking for the RV pricing guide comparable to that of the Kelley Blue Book, then the NADA RV pricing guide is the right one for you.

The NADA website has the prices for all kinds of RVs including motorhomes and trailers to vans, truck campers and trailers. The NADA guide offers prices for both new and used RVs and the value of trade-ins. It also provides tips about negotiating the best value to purchase an RV. The Database is updated regularly on a daily basis, which makes it an ideal option for RV owners trying to sell or buy an RV.

Let’s look at the steps to use NADA’s website. NADA website.

  1. Go to https://www.nadaguides.com/RVs/Manufacturers to get started.
  2. Select the manufacturer of your RV.
  3. On the next screen on the next page, you’ll be able to choose the year, type of RV as well as the manufacturer and model. Once you’ve selected your options you can click on the button ‘Get Base Pricing’.
  4. You will be taken to a page that provides detailed details on your RV. Go to the section titled “Values which will show various rates for your RV, dependent on the amount of miles it has driven and the condition of your RV.

Prices can be wildly different based on many factors, including location as well as the season. For instance, NADA estimates that the cost of a typical RV in Georgia ranges from $20,000 to $40,000. But, the same RV could be valued significantly lesser in a different region or state, based on the local economy and the demand. Along with the list prices, NADA also provides information on the online average price for various types of RVs.

Despite NADA’s best efforts maintain up-to-date and accurate information, you might find that some less well-known older models are a bit out of date. But this shouldn’t affect the overall reliability of NADA as a resource for prices for RVs.


RVTrader is among the most well-known websites for selling RVs. They offer a variety of used and new RVs. They also have a an easy-to-use interface that makes it simple to locate the ideal RV for your requirements.

Alongside its listings RVTrader additionally offers variety of tools to aid you in understanding the importance that an RV can bring to your life.

For example, their “Price Checker’ tool lets you to check how the asking price of the particular vehicle compares with the price average for the same model of RV. This tool provides three estimations of the worth of your RV, including the most expensive value, the least value, and the average value.

To utilize to use the Price Checker Tool, just input the model, make as well as the year for the RV that you are looking for. Select the kind that you want to purchase (such as a travel trailer or motorhome) and the location.

After you’ve selected the RV you want to purchase After you have made your selections, click ‘Get an Average Cost’ in order to determine how your purchase’s price compares to the typical price online for the RV you are interested in.

Alongside using the Price Checker tool that is available on their site, RVTrader also offers a mobile application that is free and allows users to get the exact data directly from your smartphone or tablet.

If you’re in search of additional tools to help to understand the price of your RV Then RVTrader is worth looking into. But, it’s important to be aware that the prices shown on this site are only estimates. Your actual RV’s value might be greater or less than those listed in this site. RVTrader website.

If you’re looking for more extensive price information and insight you might consider exploring other sources, such as NADA and RVUSA.


RVUSA is the most trusted source when it comes to the purchase or sale of RVs. Their website offers a wealth of information regarding RVing trends as well as helpful tips for sellers and buyers.

With their comprehensive list of RVs with detailed specifications and pictures, you’ll see the full picture of what’s on the market. Additionally, with features like the buyer and seller forums that allow you to connect with fellow RV enthusiasts that can guide you through the process of purchasing your ideal trailer or RV.

If you’re planning for a way to market your vehicle, RVUSA is a great place to advertise your ad and meet potential buyers. Additionally the tools and resources they offer allow you to connect with other sellers, buyers and dealers, meaning you can get a fantastic bargain or even turn your old vehicle into money.

If you’re just beginning to get into the RV industry or are an experienced veteran, RVUSA has something for all who want to explore the adventure of travel on wheels.

RVUSA is not without imperfections. It is possible to dial the exact model you’re looking for however, there is only an MSRP for around half of the models, and the majority of them are new models. It is best to consider RVUSA as a guide to compare to aid in your research rather than finding a precise answer.

If you’re planning to purchase or sell your motorhome or travel trailer it’s worthwhile to research these other platforms. Knowing the worth of the vehicle you own is vital in making any purchase or selling your RV.

Certain factors can affect the price of an used RV or travel trailer.

When determining the price of an RV that is used or a campervan, you must consider a variety of aspects you must consider. Certain factors can boost price of the car, while other factors will lower it.

Here are a few factors that could influence the cost of an RV that is used or a travel trailer:

Condition and age: Generally speaking older or less well-maintained cars are less valuable than more recent or maintained ones. If you wish to maximize the worth for your travel trailer or RV it is essential to ensure that you take care of any repairs and properly maintain it.

The RV features: Certain features and amenities, like bathrooms or kitchens, could increase your value for an RV, or campervan. However the absence or damage to elements, like an air conditioning or refrigerator unit, could lower the value of an RV.

Locality: The geographic area where you sell your travel trailer or RV will also impact the price. For example, vehicles that are that are sold in remote or rural areas might be worth less than ones that are sold in cities with larger populations.

Inspection and Repair Record: This is the same as being proud of the ownership as it does for those who are buying it. Complete records will show that proves the RV or travel trailer was properly maintained that could make a huge difference in the price one is willing to pay.

Extras and Accessories: In addition to the essential attributes of an motorhome or trailer you may include additional accessories like a cover, leveling blocks, and much more. Include these items in your listing can increase the appeal to prospective buyers and will aid in increasing the price you are asking for.

Tips for Selling Your Used RVs and Travel Trailers Quickly

Selling an old RV isn’t easy particularly if you wish to maximize the value of it. You’ll be facing huge depreciation waves and require a fair value that isn’t excessively low or too high!

There are ways to eliminate any kinks in the procedure and also ensure that the information you include on your list is true (and real).

Sell at the Right Time of Year

It will differ based on the area you live in However, in general selling during the spring and summer months is when you’ll get the largest number of buyers. Families are taking their children out of school during summer break and planning their vacations. Retirement-minded people are seeking out travel opportunities ahead of the temperature getting too hot. It’s also a nicer day and this means that it is more probable for people to camp!

In contrast, the fall and winter are generally considered to be the most difficult times to sell as the majority of people are indoors.

If you’re more flexible in your schedule, you might want to wait until the end of the season to market your RV. This will allow you time to improve your listing and make sure you receive the highest price that you can get for your used motorhome or traveler.

Clean your travel trailer both inside and outside

A first impression of a person is the most important. So ensure that your travel trailer or RV is in top shape throughout the day. This means cleaning your both the interior as well as exterior, from the top to the bottom. Get rid of any personal belongings and clear out as much clutter as you can so that you let potential buyers imagine their own vehicle.

It is crucial because of two reasons: first it will make your travel trailer or RV more appealing and attractive to prospective buyers.

Nobody wants to purchase an RV that stinks like a dog that has been wet and appears to have been through war zones. If you spend the time to clean it you’ll be shocked by the impact it can make.

A clean travel trailer or RV is much easier to check for any damages that might be present while under your control. This gives you the opportunity to repair any issues before listing the RV to save time and cash in the end.

Check that your trailer or RV is in good working order

It should be obvious however, it’s crucial to maintain your travel trailer or RV in good shape for you to make the best value. This is why you should conduct regular maintenance, which includes tune-ups, oil changes, as well as tire rotations.

It is advised to invest in high-quality covers for the time your vehicle is in a parking spot. This will stop the sun’s rays, dirt and other debris from causing damage to the outside of your travel trailer or RV.

Also, make sure you check all appliances and systems within your travel trailer or RV.

This is crucial due to two reasons. The first is to ensure everything is in good working order prior to listing your travel trailer or RV. There is no one who wants to purchase an old RV with an unrepaired stove or fridge.

Then, by looking over every appliance and system in the home, you can spot any issues that could be discovered in the course of selling. This gives you the chance to address them , or at the very least to make them clear in your description to ensure buyers are aware of the items they’ll receive.

If you take care of your travel trailer or RV and it shows in the final price you’ll be likely to receive for it.

Fix any issue that requires to be repaired.

Check for any damage that occurred while using the travel trailer or RV. It could range from a scratch on the exterior from when you crashed into the campsite to holes or stains on the carpeting.

After you’ve found the issue You must then decide if you want to fix the damage or ignore it. It’s largely based on the extent of the damage as well as the price of repairs.

If the defect is cosmetic and be repaired easily and repaired, then it’s worth fixing. However, if the problem is structural, or will require substantial sums of money to repair and repair, then it’s likely to let it be as is and include the damage in the listing.

Repair any cosmetic or damage that could appear when you look at the property in a bright light. It’s also a good idea to have an inspection conducted by a qualified mechanic prior to listing so that you be aware of what requires replacement and be ready to negotiate when the issue comes up during negotiations with buyers.

Do the right thing to fix any issue even if it appears small, so buyers don’t face any unpleasant surprises when they purchase. The worst thing you could do is for them to return and complain about something you could have spotted prior to posting your property!

Choose where you’d like you to market your vehicle

After you’ve checked your travel trailer or RV and completed any repairs you’ll need to make and washed it thoroughly then it’s time to decide the best way and location to market it.

There are many possibilities for you. You can sell on the internet marketplace through an outlet, or even directly through your website (if there is one).

The most appropriate choice for you will be based on a variety of variables, such as your budget and how well maintained your vehicle or travel trailer, as well as the speed you’d like to sell it.

If you’re selling your vehicle, such as a travel or RV in good condition and not looking to rush to sell, selling it on an auction site is an excellent alternative. This will provide you with the greatest reach and highest possibility of receiving top-quality cash to buy your automobile.

When you’re trying to sell an RV in poor condition , or you require a quick sale by selling through a dealer is the best option. They’ll probably offer the buyer a better price, but it’s an easy and hassle-free transaction.

Of course, you could decide to sell your travel trailer or RV directly on your website. This will allow you to have the greatest ability to control the sale however, it could be more difficult to find a fair value for the vehicle.

Whatever way and wherever you choose to sell your travel trailer or RV make sure you take your time and think about your choices. So, you can be sure that you’ve made the right decision for your particular situation.

Photograph the trailer or RV from every angle

If you’re offering an RV, or a travel trailer, images are worth more than words. This is particularly true when you’re selling on the internet.

High-quality photos can provide potential buyers with a visual representation of what your RV or trailer looks like , and aid them in deciding if it’s something they’re interested in.

How do you get great photos on an RV a travel trailer?

First, ensure the car is in good shape. This will make it appear its best when photographed.

Take pictures of your vehicle from various angles. Include photos of the interior, exterior as well as unique features of your car. Also, make sure to include photos of the features you think prospective buyers may be interested in, for example, bathrooms, kitchens or living room.

Make sure to take plenty of photographs The more pictures you are able to provide the more appealing. This will provide buyers with an accurate picture of your travel trailer or RV and will help them make an informed choice about the best way to go about buying it.

As well as taking photographs ensure that your list is complete and precise. Include information on the year and model, the specifications as well as any other information that is relevant. This can help prospective buyers decide if your vehicle or trailer a suitable match for them.

With accurate, clear images and a compelling description, you’ll be able to draw more buyers and secure the best price for your travel trailer or RV.

Pricing your trailer or RV with a fair price, but at a reasonable rate.

When determining the price of your travel trailer or RV for sale, it’s crucial to keep a good balance between being competitive and fair.

On one the other hand, you shouldn’t to set the price of your vehicle too high, as it might turn off potential buyers. However you don’t want to make it appear too cheap that could lead to you selling it at a lower price than what it is worth.

It is recommended to begin with a little research visiting the sites listed above to discover the price similar vehicles are being sold at. That will help you get a clear idea of the market value and assist you to decide on a price that is appropriate for your needs.

There will be other elements which are taken into consideration when determining the price, like the state of your vehicle (or travel vehicle), the special features it comes with and the time frame you’ll need to get it sold.

With these aspects in your mind it is possible to figure out an affordable and competitive price that can attract buyers and allow you to get the best price for your travel trailer or RV.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you find this article useful when finding out the value of your travel trailer or RV. If you’re considering selling your vehicle or are just interested in the value of your vehicle, these suggestions and resources will help. As you will see there are many options to consider this. Be sure to conduct your homework and think about all options prior to making a choice. Thank you for taking the time to read!

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