RZR VIN Location

RZR VIN Location

You must have driven or seen RZRs everywhere on hunting and camping trips. Made for a fun off-road adventure, these four-seaters can zoom across the sand hills at 80 miles per hour.

Just like all other vehicles, there is VIN on RZRs as well, and some people find it hard to locate it. The purpose of a VIN is to track registrations, warranty claims, insurance coverage, and any thefts. 

What Is a VIN?

A VIN is an abbreviation of “Vehicle Identification Number.” Just like humans have Identification numbers assigned to them, so do all vehicles. These vehicles also include the RZRs since they are off-road vehicles. 

Known as the vehicle’s fingerprint, it is a 17 characters (capital letters and digits) long composition that gives the vehicle its identity. 

What gets displayed through a VIN is the RZR’s specifications, manufacturer, and unique features. 

Decoding the 17 Characters

If you don’t necessarily know what the letters and digits on the VIN stand for, here is how to decode it. Let’s take this VIN here:


Within this VIN,

  • 1st character (1) shows where the vehicle was built
  • 2nd and 3rd characters (HG) are about the manufacturers
  • 4th to 8th (BH41J) portray the vehicle’s engine size, type, and brand
  • 9th character (X) is its security code which verifies the authorization of the car by the manufacturer
  • 10th character (M) is the model year 
  • 11th character (N) indicates the assembling plant of the vehicle
  • The last six or 12th to 17th characters (109186) are the serial number of the vehicle

If you can’t seem to decode it, then you can easily find VIN decoders online. Then, all you have to do is enter your VIN, and the decoder does the rest. 

Where Is the RZR VIN Location?

Sometimes people get faced with unfortunate events such as thefts, warranty issues, accidents that require insurance, and many more. Additionally, you would need this VIN while insuring or selling your vehicle. Not only that, but many authorized dealers also ask for this before continuing with filing or recalling a warranty. 

In cases like these, you would need to locate your RZR’s VIN and use it. The location of this VIN varies from model to model so you would first need to know which model you have to locate your pin. 

Here are some of the models of RZR and their VIN location:

  • RZR 170: VIN located on the frame in the left rear wheel well
  • RZR570, RZR800, RZR900, RZR1000: Situated on the rear tube frame near the left rear tire
  • RZR 200 EFI models: Found on the plate fixed to the right rail that’s on the right wheel well

These are some of the most commonly asked for VIN locations, so you should be able to locate yours if you have any of these models.

If you dont have any of these RZR models, then worry not.

You simply have to pay close attention to your vehicle’s body; if you spot a specific 17-character long code, that is your VIN. 

How to Locate RZR VIN Without the Vehicle?

If your vehicle got stolen or lost by any chance, and you need the VIN, you can still find it. 

For this, you would need to pull up the registration card or the title document, so make sure you have those in a secure place. 

If you can locate your title document and the registration card then finding the VIN should not be that hard. 

The RZR VIN location depends from state to state. However, it’s primarily found in front of the title near the top of the title document. 

What Do I Do After Locating The VIN?

Well. That entirely depends on why you were searching for it in the first place. 

For instance, if you wanted to find your stolen vehicle, you would have to go to AutoCheck, where you enter the VIN and your credit card details to pay for it. In addition, you can see where your car was registered, serviced, or titled.

Similarly, if you want insurance, they will use this VIN to verify your car’s model, the damage history, country of origin and previous owners, etc. 


In conclusion, your RZR VIN is essential for many reasons. 

Although it may just be 17 characters long, locating VINs can be tedious, if not impossible.

One would need a sharp eye to spot a VIN without prior knowledge of its location. Therefore, we listed all the RZR models and their VIN locations to help you. 

You may have noticed how all the RZR models except for RZR 170 gas their VINs carved into the metal frame in the driver’s side rear wheel well. So long as you have these models, it should not be a problem for you to locate your RZR’s VIN.

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