SportCat Heater Review

SportCat Heater Review

Planning for camping during winters? Sounds like a great idea, no? After all, it’s fun out in the wild. However, it requires dedication and preparation to execute your adventure properly. 

Of course, you can not just pack your bag and head out in the cold. Instead, the first question that pops in your head should be about staying warm throughout the night. For maintaining warmth in your tent, you can use a heater. 

But the question is: “What heater is the best to use and the safest?”

Before your next trip outdoors, make sure to find all the answers. Therefore, here’s a helpful review of the Coleman SportCat heater. It’s a catalytic heater that can keep your hands warm at all times. Read this post to learn about the benefits and risks of using this heater for winter camping.

What is a Coleman SportCat Heater, and Why Do You Need It?

If you love to hike or go camping frequently, you must always stay prepared beforehand. While grabbing all necessary items, you should not forget a heater as it can get chilly at night while camping. In addition, heaters become a must-have item during the winter season. 

So, to ensure a comfortable outdoor trip, you can get your hands on the Coleman SportCat. This catalytic heater generates heat using propane gas. Its catalytic converter works with a chemical reaction that reduces the emission of toxic substances during its use. 

Since the heater burns with no flame, it’s a safe option to warm up your tent. However, you will still need a matchbox or lighter to turn the heater on. 

Believe us, this heater is unlike traditional heaters as it does not ignite automatically. Instead, you need to turn it on with the help of a matchstick or lighter. Moreover, it does not include a low oxygen sensor. However, the heater will turn off once it runs out of fuel. 

The device is helpful for heating a small space, such as your cabin, camper, or tent. Moreover, it is best to produce heat without using electricity. 

In addition, it features a portable size which makes it easy to pack along with the rest of your camping gear. However, if you need to heat up a larger space, you must look for a bigger-sized heater. 

Prominent Features of the SportCat Heater

Here are a few important features you need to know before getting a Coleman SportCat heater:

  • The heater warms up the space efficiently without wasting much gas.
  • It’s portable and convenient to carry around.
  • It burns quietly, so you can relax and sleep peacefully.
  • It’s ideal for smaller spaces.
  • You always need a lighter or a match to light it up. However, if you lose your lighter on your way back after a hike, you might put yourself in trouble.

Portable Heat

The Coleman heater measures 9 inches in length. Therefore, it has the perfect size to carry around with your camping gear. In addition, it takes less space than an average heater. So, storing it is no big deal. 

Moreover, it can fit in the tightest spaces and keep you warm. You can even move it around your campsite without any hassle. For instance, you can pack the heater quickly and hit the road in no time. 

The best part is that it has a comfortable handle for a firm grip and a base that’s detachable to store and transport the heater conveniently.


The sport cap produces heat by using propane gas. However, you need a 16.4-ounce cylinder for storing propane gas. So, you may buy one separately as it is not provided along with the Coleman heater. 

The cylinder should be enough to continuously supply heat for up to 14 hours. In addition, the heater works with no flames. So, it’s safe to use around kids. 

Moreover, if you decide to spend the night out in a tent, you can heat the space with this 1500 BTU heater. This heat output is sufficient for eliminating the cold.

Controllable Temperature

A campfire is great for camping outdoors. However, you can not enjoy full control over the amount of heat you may like in your tent or camper. But, with the SportCat heater, your problem is put to rest. 

It has adjustable heat settings so you can set the temperature as you desire. If it isn’t too cold at night, just adjust the heat, and sleep in peace at night.

Stable Base

The heater is supported on a flat surface by four feet on the detachable base. In addition, it features eyelets to tie it firmly to another item for safety. This is a handy option to use the heater if you want to place it on uneven ground or ensure it won’t tumble over.

Great Insulation

The Coleman SportCat heater has an amazing touch technology. It remains cold while it’s running so that if you accidentally touch it, you will not burn your hands. 

In addition, the heater has an impressive layer of insulation that keeps its surface cool while warming up the surrounding air. This feature is highly useful if your kids love to play around since you can not keep an eye on them. 

Therefore, you do not have to worry about your children hurting themselves by touching the heater out of curiosity; they’re completely safe near the heater. 

Efficient Heating

The incredible heater is designed to work even in unfavorable situations. Therefore, it works well and does not compromise on its heating efficiency.

Moreover, the tiny heater is innovative and uses energy wisely. This means that you do not have to run for a gas refill every few hours. In fact, it can save energy consumption and reduce your fuel cost. 

The heater can work brilliantly without supervision. Just turn it on and put it aside. It will warm up a small space as soon as you ignite it.

Is the SportCat Catalytic Heater Safe?

You can use the Coleman SportCat heater both indoors and outdoors. This is useful if you want to use it in places with variable ventilation. However, you can not find this option with other gas heaters. 

In addition, there may be some byproducts emitted by the heater. But, many of these substances might be broken down into carbon dioxide by the catalytic conversion process.

Whereas carbon monoxide may be produced in rare circumstances. However, this is mainly due to a heater malfunction that causes the plate to generate heat unevenly. Moreover, it can also be a result of some other secondary contamination. 

If you’re concerned about the possible dangers of carbon monoxide, it’s a good idea to keep your room adequately aired and consider employing a carbon monoxide detector.

Does the Heater Create Noise?

When the heater is turned on, it initiates heating once the chemical reactions take place. Therefore, the heater is relatively quiet compared to other gas heaters. This is an essential aspect of the heater if you’re planning to go fishing or hunting and do not wish to disturb the nearby wildlife by creating loud noises. 

Final Thoughts

The Coleman SportCat heater is an excellent choice for going outdoors. It can help you stay warm at night when it’s chilly or during winters. 

Moreover, the flameless heater ensures safe heating. This reduces the risk of your tent or camper catching a fire. In addition, the heater is convenient and comfortable to carry. You can store it in your bag pack and head up for the hills. 

It’s an efficient little heater, but don’t let the tiny size deceive you since it works efficiently. 

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