Tiffin Midas 2022 Review

Tiffin Midas 2022 Review

The Tiffin Midas Class B+ motorhome can add a Midas touch to your adventures. With the constant technological updates and new models being introduced into the market, all eyes are on the latest 2022 Tiffin model. 

The new unique features will make your travel more accessible and even more comfortable. Not to mention it is more luxurious than ever. 

Updates On New Tiffin Midas 2022 

Here is a list of the updates you can expect on the latest model. 

Electronic Stability Control

Slippery roads are a severe life hazard. So the new feature, Electronic Stability Control, comes into play. ESC activates the select brake, and the speed is automatically slowed. 

It gets even more enjoyable with the additional feature of Roll Stability Support. If there is any possibility of a rollover, RSS intervenes automatically.

Adaptive Cruise Control

This feature will completely transform the way you drive. Adaptive Cruise Control is a tool that will ensure driver safety. ACC is a highly sophisticated system that works along with your RV’s standard cruise control. 

When it detects that the lane ahead is empty, it will maintain the speed of your RV. When a vehicle is detected, it adjusts the RV’s speed accordingly.

Forward Collision Mitigation

This is another safety mechanism installed in this model. Collision mitigation is a radar-based system. It measures the relative velocity of your RV to ensure you are safe and secure at all times. 

If there is any probability of a collision, it will immediately alert you. What is groundbreaking is that it will even apply the brakes in case of a possible collision. 

Spyder Multiplex System

The latest Tiffin models are compatible with the Spyder Multiplex System. You can now connect the coach with your smartphone.

For example, you can check the capacity of the water and gas tanks or the RV’s battery. It also acts as a remote controller. For example, you can use it to open or close the lights and the blinds.

Automatic Traction Control

If you are driving on a low friction road, wheels sometimes lose traction and start to move at different speeds. When the Automatic Traction Control detects a low traction road, it activates the brakes until you are back on a high friction road. 

Automatic Windshield Wipers

Sometimes when it rains suddenly, the drivers panic, and it takes them some time to activate the windshield wipers. The delay can cause accidents. 

This automatic feature can save you from panic. It will activate as soon as a few raindrops fall on the windshield. 

Automatic Headlamps

The automatic headlights activate as soon as the natural light fades out. What is even helpful is that if a vehicle is approaching your vehicle from the opposite lane, the headlights will adjust accordingly. 

Driver’s Compartment Features

The driver’s compartments include a touch screen stereo with Bluetooth, two USB ports, Apple car play, and Android Auto. It also has a built-in navigation app. The camera shows the rear and the front view for easy maneuvering. 

The seat has a massager installed to relax the driver during long drives. It will save you from all the cramps from long drives. There is a privacy shutter between the driver’s and the passengers’ area. Above the driver’s seat, there is overhead storage space. 

AquaView ShowerMiser

Generally, when you wait for the warm water, the cold water goes to the drain. However, the AquaView ShowerMiser is a lever that you can flip on to save the water. It will then direct the cold water back into the fresh water tank. 

When all of the cold water has run out, the ShowerMiser changes color to indicate. You can then flip the lever to enjoy your hot shower.

Safety Belts

The latest model has safety belts that can be positioned at three different points. You can choose whichever feels more comfortable for you. This will also come to use when there are kids in the vehicle. 

For additional safety, side-curtain airbags are installed that provide extra protection in case of a sudden break. 

New Cabinet Finish

You can now have the cabinets in gray-brown color. The color lies between the Tiffin’s Sterling and the Glazed Canyon Cherry or Mocha colors available in the older models. You can now choose from a variety of color options. 

Distress Call System

In case of an accident or a crash, this unique feature will automatically send a distress call. This will come in handy, especially when traveling to the outskirts or off-grid, where there are few first options available. 

Energy sources 

The energy is supplied from gas generators and the two house batteries. The RV is centrally air-conditioned. It is also Bluetooth capable.


The kitchen includes a single-range stove and a microwave. You can store a lot of pre-cooked meals in the three-way refrigerator. However, if you prefer to cook fresh meals, the pull-out pantry has enough storage space to stock up at least two weeks’ worth of groceries. The sink and faucet are of stainless steel.


The bedroom consists of two twin mattresses, with under-bed and overhead storage. The wardrobe is spacious enough so that you can easily hang your clothes and keep them crease-free. The fan keeps the room well ventilated.

The room also has a flat-screen panel television for cozy movie nights. 


The bathroom is also very luxurious and not a tiny cramped space. The shower includes a built-in caddy. The shower door is self-cleaning, which is very helpful as the soap residue can be hard to clean off. 

It also has plenty of storage. The lavatory has storage with it. Additionally, there is a medicine cabinet for extra storage. The bathroom roof is punctured with a skylight so that during the day, you can save the light.


The coach also has warranty choices. Information on the warranty is subject to terms and conditions. You can look up these terms online on their website.

If you are thinking of purchasing a coacher, it is worth your time to look into the Tiffin Midas 2022 models. You will find what you are looking for and even more. 

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