Top 8 100cc Plus ATVs

Top 8 100cc Plus ATVs

All-terrain vehicles or ATVs come in a wide range of sizes and engine capacities. While most ATV engines are under 100cc, if you’re looking for something truly powerful, you have to look for one beyond 100cc. Fortunately, many ATV makers produce such ATVs that pack in a powerful engine, among many other secondary features. 

So if you’ve made up your mind that your next ATV should have an engine of over 100cc, this post will present eight tried and tested models from different manufacturers. 

Contrary to common opinion, a higher cc engine ATV is appropriate for beginners, too, at least some models are. So even if it’s your first ATV, it doesn’t hurt to go for something more powerful. 

Honda TRX250

The Honda TRX250 has to be the best over 100cc ATV on the market. It’s suitable for beginners and pros alike with its powerful engine of 229cc. It comes with five transmission speeds. 

Of course, this is a Honda ATV, so you can expect great performance from the get-go. Another great quality of this particular model is that it has a relatively higher fuel capacity. Therefore, you can use it for slightly longer distances without needing to add fuel. 

The reason why it’s ideal for beginners too is that it has an impressive braking system (sealed mechanical drum type of 175 mm).

Most impressively, its price is pretty reasonable given that it’s a 229cc ATV. Unfortunately, this model isn’t available in stores anymore. In other words, you cannot buy it now because these sold out pretty quickly. However, you can get your hands on a pre-owned model. 

It’s not really big in terms of size, so even older kids and teenagers may be able to ride it, but it’s best for adults. Also, this ATV is quite noisy, but that’s not a problem that you cannot solve with the help of some aftermarket products.

It’s essentially a recreational ATV, so don’t expect it to do any hard work, despite the high cc engine. 

Polaris Sportsman 450 

If you don’t have any budget constraints, go for the Polaris Sportsman 450. It’s an advanced ATV with lots of features and cutting-edge technology. It has a 567cc four-stroke engine with 30 horsepower. The engine capacity is 4.5 waves. 

This one has an automatic transmission, so it’s super convenient to drive. Furthermore, its weight is just right at 702 pounds. However, its towing capacity is a whopping 1,200 pounds. Most ATVs with the same weight do not even come close to this kind of towing capacity, and that’s all thanks to the 567cc engine. 

As for the braking system, it uses a hydraulic disc system. If there’s one anomaly, it’s that the brake handle is on the left, which is typically on the right. 

What really sets it apart is its sporty design that’s somehow more minimalistic than you’d expect. 

The newer 2021 model has a 499cc engine with 33 horsepower. It’s been completely redesigned really and made even better. But, of course, all of that comes at a cost. 

There are certain drawbacks, mainly the hitch, which is 1.25 inches. Most people would have to replace it with a 2-inch hitch. 

Its engine capacity and towing capacity are suitable for most farmwork and hunters. So it’s not really ideal for someone just looking for a recreational ATV for fun rides on off-beaten trails. 

Honda Fourtrax Rancher

For long rides, the Honda Fourtrax is the best option. This ATV is a bit pricey, so it’s good for those looking for something they’ll use for a long time. That’s because it will pay back with its many features and comfortable ride. 

Its suspension is pretty good, so the rides are relatively more stable and comfortable. That, combined with a decent fuel capacity, ensures long rides of several hours. 

The highlight of the Rancher ATV is its seating which is made from premium quality materials. That makes for a very comfortable experience. Even if you’re riding it for work all day, you won’t feel uncomfortable like you would in almost any other ATV with those run-of-the-mill seat covers. 

Now let’s talk about its engine, which is 420cc and has a 3.9-wave capacity. This is a manual transmission ATV with five transmission speeds. However, it comes with an automatic clutch. The stock ATV max speed is 55 mph, but you can easily increase that with few modifications. And as for the brakes, this one also has drum-type rear brakes. 

Another great advantage of this particular ATV is that it’s super quiet. 

While it has a strong engine, it’s not really the best for hauling stuff. You can haul lightweight things but don’t expect it to tow heavy equipment.

Textron Off-Road Alterra 500

The Textron Off-Road Alterra comes with a 499cc engine, but it’s quite compact, so even kids can ride it, especially those learning to ride an ATV. This is Textron’s answer to Honda’s TRX250, and you know what that means; it’s more for recreational use than transporting. However, it’s cheaper than its Honda counterpart. 

The 4-stroke engine delivers good performance and high speeds, especially when you get rid of all the excess weight. It has a 7-inch suspension and 10-inch ground clearance.

It weighs 613 pounds, which makes it a lightweight ATV. While it cannot do much hard work when it comes to hauling, it can tow and haul 175 pounds from the rear rack. 

This one has an electric start, so it starts up pretty quickly. The engine is a single-cylinder closed-loop EFI engine, so you do get the value for money. However, it’s not the most ideal for very tough terrains, especially those covered with mud, sand, or snow.

That all said, it’s a good option for beginners and seasonal rides, especially those who mostly use ATV for fun and lightweight work. 

Can-Am Outlander 450 DPS

Can-Am Outlander 450 DPS is one of the easiest to-ride ATVs you’ll find on the market. Can-Am has been consistently putting out great ATV models, and the Outlander 450 is at the forefront. It has a four-stroke 482cc engine with 42 horsepower. 

The speed is not too high and not too low either (up to 60 mph), but you can increase it further. It features a heavy-duty rear bumper. The weight of the ATV is just under 1,500 pounds, which is not very light but definitely lower than competitor ATVs of the same engine power. 

The seating on this one is comfortable, paired with a height of 33.8 inches, which is comfortable enough for tall people too. 

The braking system is also pretty impressive with hydraulic disc type on both front and back (double hydraulic disc on the front). 

The 2022 model of the Can-Am Outlander also comes in a 570 DPS trim, which is even more powerful than 450 DPS. However, for an average rider, the 450 DPS is more than enough. 

This one is a bit pricier than some of the other models on this list, but the overall make and features justify the price. And besides, Can-Am is a favorite brand in the ATV world, so people are willing to pay even higher prices to get their hands on an ATV like the Outlander 450 DPS. 

X-PRO Quad ATV-G05 Youth ATV

The X-PRO Quad Youth ATV is the latest from X-PRO for young riders. With a four-stroke engine of 125cc, it is the perfect option for kids and teenagers to learn how to ride an ATV. 

It’s packed with features that add convenience. For instance, it has an automatic transmission with reverse, which, of course, makes it easier for the rider to reverse it. 

The front brakes are drum type, whereas the rear brakes are disc type. For the size of the ATV, the tires are pretty big (the front ones are a little bit bigger than the rear tires). 

The max speed is 35 mph, but as is the case with most ATVs, the speed can be increased. However, since this is for kids, it’s recommended not to make modifications for the speed increase. There’s a reason why the speed is low on these things, as these are designed for kids. 

The start system is electric, so it starts quickly and easily, unlike other ATVs. Its weight is 209 pounds, and it can take a max load of 143.3 pounds. Obviously, this is not really for towing. It’s for kids to enjoy riding an ATV!

Kawasaki Brute Force 300

The Kawasaki Brute Force 300 is a more budget-friendly option for those looking for an ATV with an over 100cc engine. It has a four-stroke engine of 271cc and 20 horsepower. While this isn’t as power output or performance, it’s still pretty decent given the lower price. 

This is one of the more popular options, though, as Kawasaki is a preferred brand in the ATV world, offering many models. 

The Brute Force 300 has an impressive braking system with double disc brakes on the front and single disc brakes on the rear (both 180 mm). 

The seat height is 33.3 inches, which is good enough for most riders regardless of the height. The ATV’s weight is 535 pounds, which makes it incredibly lightweight. And as you can probably guess, for that reason, it doesn’t offer much towing capacity. 

As more of a recreational ATV, the Kawasaki Brute Force does have a nice design. And it doesn’t hurt that the manufacturer offers a warranty as well. 

The seats are not the most comfortable as you will feel bumps on bumpy terrain. And upgrading the seats might be too much of a cost. In other words, it’s not really suitable for long rides.

Suzuki KingQuad 400

The Suzuki KingQuad 400 is a powerhouse of an ATV, designed for enhanced performance on virtually any terrain. There are two variants in this model: the ASI and FSI. The only difference between the two is that the former has an automatic transmission, whereas the latter has a manual transmission. 

It offers a four-stroke 376cc engine with an impressive 40 horsepower output. Even more impressive is the 4.2-wave capacity of the engine, which means it can cover long distances rather easily. And it has an electric start!

Both the auto and manual transmission systems have five speeds. 

While it weighs 628 pounds, it can tow nearly 1,000 pounds. So it’s also a good option for farmers and hunters who need to haul equipment and gear. 

The only con of this otherwise great ATV from Suzuki is that the suspension is nothing to write home about. It’s hard and makes long rides uncomfortable. However, you can replace the stock suspension with something better. 

Wrap Up

100cc is seen as a benchmark by some as ATVs over 100cc are considered powerful. But the engine cc alone doesn’t determine the power and performance of an ATV. That said, if you’re looking for an ATV with over 100cc engine, the above eight models are some of the best. 

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