Used Canoe Price Guide Best Options

Used Canoe Price Guide Best Options

Canoeing is an adventurous sport that gives you an amazing adrenaline rush. But if you have a tight budget or don’t have plans to use your canoe frequently enough, buying a used canoe is a great idea. 

If you’ve done your homework well, you can easily get your hands on a good condition canoe. The best part is that these used canoes can vary in price depending on their look, usage, model, and other important factors. All you need is a keen eye for quality, and you can save money while landing an excellent deal for used canoes. 

Continue reading this post to learn about different canoe types and what price you should expect for each used canoe. 

Different Material Canoes

Canoes come in a wide variety of materials that are used for different purposes. These canoes may range from recreational canoes to fishing canoes. Moreover, the buying process for each type of canoe is also unalike since the damage incurred to a plastic canoe can not be compared to a wooden one. 

Here are some common attributes of multiple used canoes you can inspect when negotiating a potential deal:

Aluminum Canoes

Aluminum canoes can be exceptionally low maintenance compared to wooden canoes. They are heavy and durable, yet they can be freezing cold on a chilly day and produce a lot of noise. 

Despite that, they are a nice fit for flatwater casual trips, and are super light on your pocket. So, you can expect to have a good quality used canoe with a small budget. 

When inspecting a used aluminum canoe, you may get exactly what you observe with no hidden defects. Therefore, you should check the canoe for its dents. Also, don’t forget to paddle test and use equipment to identify leaks. For that, use your hand while sitting in the seat to inspect secured thwarts.

Composite Canoes

Materials such as aramid, carbon fiber, or glass fiber are deposited in a mold and combined with resins to create a composite canoe hull. Composite canoes are lightweight, sturdy, and may have several scratches despite being used carefully. However, most scratches may be limited to damaging the canoe’s appearance. 

So, you should consider looking for cracking and deep scratching that penetrates the gel coat. These canoes can suffer from oil-canning when the hull may flex and bend as you paddle. 

Check for these attributes in different composite canoes:

Aramid Canoes

Aramid canoes may retain water in their float tanks. So, you must pick up the canoe and try to balance it on your shoulders. Then, see if the canoe feels unbalanced. In addition, you should check if the canoe produces a sloshing sound of water inside the float tank. 

Lastly, if the canoe has a faded color, you can tell that it’s been heavily used or stored under direct sunlight. 

Fiberglass Canoes

The market is flooded with fiberglass canoe counterparts. However, these canoes differ depending on their manufacturing process. As a result, they can range from heavy cheaper canoes to light expensive ones. 

A good-conditioned 16-foot canoe must have an ideal weight of about 60 pounds. But, if the weight is near 80 or 90 pounds, then the canoe is made from low-quality fiberglass. 

Carbon Fiber Canoes

When shopping for a good racing carbon fiber canoe, you must look out for cracks and scratches revealing the fabric underneath.

Royalex Canoes

Speaking of long canoeing and whitewater paddling, Royalex canoes have remained a popular choice for many years. These canoes are not only durable, but they are tough and can resist heavy impacts. 

However, Royalex canoes are no longer manufactured. As a result, they are hard to find since the owners refrain from selling them. 

You should look for creases or folds on the hull of a Royalex canoe, suggesting that it was rolled up and punched out. If the skid plates appear new, inspect the canoe from the interior to see if they are masking damage. Also, look for major dents, which can reduce water efficiency. 

Scratches or scrapes that penetrate the color coat underneath the canoe can create a bigger issue. In addition, Royalex boats can become fragile and form soft chines due to sun exposure. 

Oil canning and faded color are also some factors that affect their price. 

Wooden Canoes

Wooden boats are attractive, glide smoothly on the water, and often have a long history. But unfortunately, they’re generally bulky, and despite their heritage as expedition boats, they’re hardly popular among modern travelers.

But many people who acquire wooden canoes enjoy maintaining them and see them as a connection with nature.

So, if you’re up to buying a wooden used canoe, you should check the boat for areas affected by rot and water damage. For this, you can take a look underneath the deck plates and the gunwales connection at the stern and bow. You can also inspect the canvas for paint flaking and cracks to check if the waterproof filler has dried over time. 

Plastic Canoes

Most plastic canoes are made from polyethylene forms. The canoes are robust and heavy. However, they may be more expensive than wooden or composite used canoes. 

Plastic canoes require minimal effort to maintain, and you can easily haul them to the shore. You can even handle them by sliding over stones and rocks. 

When buying a used plastic canoe, oil canning is a common defect to look out for, which can result from excessive sun exposure. These canoes can also become brittle over time and have plastic peeling, creating drag in the river.

5 Amazing Used Canoe Models 

Since there are hundreds of used options you need to choose from, selecting a great canoe can become difficult for you.

Here are some incredible canoe suggestions for you:

1.Mad River Adventure 14

Mad River canoes are considered a top choice for canoeing. The brand’s Adventure 14 is a durable, comfortable, and stable canoe. It features adjustable seats and cup holders to offer an incredible experience. 

The canoe measures 14 feet and has a weight of 75 lbs. Therefore, it can accommodate up to three people on deck. 

If you’re planning to go solo, maneuvering and loading the canoe can become challenging for you due to the heavy weight. 

The price for a brand new canoe may range around $770. In contrast, a good condition used canoe can likely cost you $525. These canoes can be a great investment for family trips of three as they score a whopping 4.8/5 rating. 

2.MyCanoe by Origami Folding Canoe

MyCanoe is a convenient foldable canoe that you can store and carry around different places. The canoe is durable and designed to meet your needs.

However, this canoe can become flooded easily. In addition, assembling the boat is also a difficult task.

The canoe has a seating space for two, which means that you can steer it effortlessly. 

The price bracket for MyCanoe is relatively higher than other similar canoes. It has an average rating of 4.3 and has several specifications you must check before purchasing. A new canoe is available at $1,600, whereas a used one will cost around $1,290

3.Mad River Explorer 16

The Explorer 16 is another popular canoe choice from Mad River. The canoe is so tough that you can easily glide in harsh waters. In addition, the canoe is durable due to its stiffness and stability. 

It weighs around 62 lbs and is 14.9 feet in measurement. So it’s big enough to hold up to three people. Yet, the canoe is slower than other similar boats and isn’t too spacious. 

The price for a used canoe of this model is significantly lesser than a new canoe. For example, the new canoe can cost you $2,460, while an average used canoe may be available at only $900. The best part is that the canoe has an excellent rating of 4.5/5.

4.Discovery 119 Solo

This incredible canoe is a best seller for canoeing. The Discovery 119 Solo is a fantastic lightweight canoe ideal for solo rides. Despite the canoe’s ability to hold only a single person, it’s highly durable and serves long-lasting stability. 

However, the canoe’s seat isn’t too stable, and the boat is low on space. Plus, this slow canoe isn’t great for gliding in deep water. 

Yet, the best part is that it’s a low-budget canoe. A brand new Discovery 119 Solo is priced around $1099, while a used model may cost nearly $900. It has an impressive 4.7-star rating, making this canoe an excellent choice. 

5.Grumman Solo 129

Here’s an amazing lightweight canoe that measures around 12 feet with a 48 lbs weight. The Solo 129 is easy to paddle, and you can handle the canoe effortlessly. It offers great stability and is durable. 

However, it’s an aluminum canoe, making it an expensive pick. Plus, you can not stand in the boat due to the risk of slipping. Yet, the boat has an outstanding 4.9 rating out of 5. As a result, many people may prefer investing their money in this canoe. 

The canoe will cost you around $1,160 in brand new condition. In contrast, a used canoe can cost you $1,000. 

Final Thoughts

Although a new canoe can outclass a used canoe for various factors, getting an old boat is never a waste of money. However, you need to inspect several factors before making a purchase. 

From float tank leaks to enormous dents, canoes can experience a lot of damage from use over time. But, if you pay attention to details and research well, a good canoe is easy to find.

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