What are the big 4 RV manufacturers?

What are the big 4 RV manufacturers?
As an avid RV enthusiast, I can confidently say that the Big Four RV manufacturers are Thor Industries, Forest River, REV Group, and Winnebago Industries. These companies dominate the RV industry and offer a wide range of products to suit every need and budget.

Here are some key points about each of the Big Four RV manufacturers:

  • Thor Industries: This company is the largest RV manufacturer in the world, with over 25% market share. They own several well-known brands, including Airstream, Dutchmen, and Keystone RV. Thor offers a wide range of RVs, from small travel trailers to large motorhomes.
  • Forest River: This company is a close second to Thor in terms of market share. They offer a huge variety of RVs, including travel trailers, fifth wheels, toy haulers, and motorhomes. Forest River owns many popular brands, such as Coachmen, Palomino, and Rockwood.
  • REV Group: This company is a bit smaller than Thor and Forest River, but still a major player in the RV industry. They specialize in motorhomes and own several well-known brands, including American Coach, Fleetwood RV, and Holiday Rambler.
  • Winnebago Industries: This company is perhaps the most well-known of the Big Four, thanks to their iconic Winnebago motorhomes. They also own several other brands, such as Grand Design and Chris-Craft. Winnebago offers a range of RVs, from small Class B vans to large Class A motorhomes.

Overall, the Big Four RV manufacturers offer a huge variety of products to suit every type of RV enthusiast. Whether you’re looking for a small travel trailer or a luxurious motorhome, you’re sure to find something that fits your needs from one of these companies.

What Are The Big 4 Rv Manufacturers?

Are you planning an upcoming road trip and considering theconvenience of taking a recreational vehicle (RV) with you? If so, it’simportant to know who the major players are in the RV industry.

The big 4 RV manufacturers dominate this market, producing some ofthe most popular models on the roads today. Thor Industries, ForestRiver Inc., Winnebago Industries Inc., and REV Group Inc. make up thefour largest companies in the RV manufacturing industry.

These giants have been around for decades, each with their own uniquehistory and reputation for quality craftsmanship. In this article, we’lltake a closer look at these top manufacturers and what sets them apartfrom other competitors in the industry.

So buckle up and get ready to learn more about the big 4 RVmanufacturers!

Definition Of RecreationalVehicle

Recreational Vehicles, or RVs for short, are a type of vehicle thatprovides living accommodations and amenities suitable for long-termstays. An RV is classified according to its size and features, rangingfrom Class A motorhomes with luxurious interiors to small pop-up campersideal for weekend getaways. The usage of an RV can vary from leisuretrips to full-time living arrangements.

RVs have been around since the early 20th century but only gainedpopularity in the mid-1900s. With more people hitting the road andstaying at campsites, regulations were put in place to ensure safety onhighways and campgrounds. Today, there are strict rules regarding RVweights, sizes, and towing capacities.

The history of RV manufacturing dates back to the 1920s whencompanies like Airstream and Winnebago began producing travel trailersfor adventurous individuals looking to explore the great outdoors. Astechnology advanced over time, so did the types of RVs available on themarket. From towable fifth-wheels to self-contained motorhomes withslide-outs, there’s an RV out there for every kind of traveler.

With a better understanding of what an RV is and how it came about,let’s move onto an overview of the big four RV manufacturers whodominate this industry today.

Overview Of The Big 4 RvManufacturers

When it comes to the RV lifestyle, choosing the right manufacturer iscrucial. The Big 4 manufacturers dominate the market: Thor Industries,Forest River, Winnebago Industries and REV Group Inc.

Each of these companies has a wide range of models and features thatcater to different types of RV camping. One important factor whenconsidering an RV purchase is towing capacity. Thor Industries’Airstream brand stands out in this regard with its lightweight designsthat are easy to tow.

Additionally, all four manufacturers offer various accessories thatcan be added to their units such as solar panels, bike racks or outdoorkitchens. Insurance coverage is also vital for any vehicle owner -including those who own an RV.

Fortunately, each of the Big 4 manufacturers offers insurance optionsthrough partnerships with leading providers. Forest River even providesa comprehensive warranty plan for up to two years which includesroadside assistance.

Now let’s dive into the features of each manufacturer so you can makean informed decision on your next purchase.

Features Of EachManufacturer

When it comes to exterior design, the Big 4 RV manufacturers – ThorMotor Coach, Winnebago, Forest River, and Jayco – all bring somethingunique to the table. Thor Motor Coach offers sleek, modern designs,while Winnebago offers a wide variety of traditional styles. ForestRiver offers a variety of sizes and shapes, and Jayco has a range ofcolors and textures to choose from.

When it comes to interior design, the Big 4 RV manufacturers have alot to offer. Thor Motor Coach offers luxurious details and amenities,Winnebago has plenty of room for entertaining, Forest River has avariety of floor plans, and Jayco has a range of furniture and décoroptions.

When it comes to warranty coverage, the Big 4 RV manufacturers haveyou covered. Thor Motor Coach offers coverage for defects in materialsand workmanship, Winnebago offers a variety of extended warranties,Forest River offers a variety of extended warranties, and Jayco has alifetime warranty on structural components.

Exterior Design

When it comes to the exterior design of RVs, each manufacturer hastheir own unique styling trends and paint options.

Thor Industries is known for its sleek and modern designs, featuringsmooth lines and bold colors that make a statement on the road.

Forest River, on the other hand, takes a more traditional approachwith classic shapes and neutral shades that are sure to appeal to a widerange of buyers.

Winnebago often incorporates fun pops of color into their designs,while also offering plenty of exterior accessories like bike racks andawnings.

And finally, Jayco stands out for its attention to detail in everyaspect of their RVs’ exteriors – from the precision-cut graphics to thecustom-molded side skirts.

No matter what your personal style may be, there’s an RV manufacturerout there who can provide you with the perfect combination of form andfunction.

Interior Design

Now that we’ve covered the exterior designs of various RVmanufacturers, let’s take a look at their interior layouts andcustomization options.

Each manufacturer has its own unique approach to maximizing spaceutilization and creating functional living areas within their RVs.

From Winnebago’s colorful and playful interiors to Jayco’s meticulousattention to detail in every aspect of design, there is no shortage ofoptions for those looking to customize their RV according to theirpersonal style and needs.

So whether you prioritize comfort or functionality, rest assured thateach manufacturer has something special to offer when it comes tocrafting your dream home on wheels.

Warranty Coverage

Now that we’ve explored the interior layouts and customizationoptions of various RV manufacturers, it’s important to consider anothercrucial factor – warranty coverage.

When comparing manufacturer ratings, insurance coverage, and costcomparisons, it’s essential to understand what each company offers interms of protection for your investment.

A comprehensive warranty can provide peace of mind and protect youfrom unexpected repair costs down the road.

So let’s dive into the warranty coverage offered by each manufacturerand see which ones stand out as the best choice for RV enthusiastslooking for reliable protection.

Now that we have discussed the unique features of each manufacturer,it’s time to delve into their most popular models.

These RVs range in costs and quality, so it is important forpotential buyers to consider both factors when making a purchasingdecision. Additionally, with increasing concern about environmentalimpact, many manufacturers are offering eco-friendly options.

One thing to note is that each manufacturer offers different levelsof customization options. Some allow for more personalization whileothers focus on standard features. It ultimately comes down to theindividual’s preferences and needs.

For those looking to fully embrace the RV lifestyle, there are alsovarying types of vehicles such as Class A motorhomes or traveltrailers.

When considering purchasing an RV from any of these big fourmanufacturers, there are various options available including buying newor used from dealerships or private sellers. It’s important to dothorough research beforehand and make sure all necessary inspections aredone before finalizing a purchase.

Comparisons between manufacturers can be difficult as they each offersomething unique but taking into account factors such as costvs. quality and customization options may help narrow down choices forpotential buyers.

In the next section, we will explore how these manufacturers stack upagainst one another when comparing some of their top-selling models.

Comparisons BetweenManufacturers

Comparisons Between Manufacturers

When it comes to RVs, the big 4 manufacturers are Thor Industries,Forest River Inc., Winnebago Industries, and REV Group. Each of thesecompanies offer unique features that cater to different types oftravelers.

Safety ratings should be a top priority for anyone consideringpurchasing an RV. All four manufacturers provide safety features such asairbags, anti-lock brakes, and rearview cameras on their models.

Cost comparisons between these manufacturers vary depending on thetype of RV you’re looking for. For example, Forest River Inc. offersmore affordable options with their entry-level models while Winnebago isknown for its higher end luxury models which come at a premium pricepoint. Customization options differ among the brands as well. While allfour allow some degree of customization, Thor Industries offers the mostextensive list of customizable features.

Rental services can also affect your decision when choosing an RVmanufacturer. Both Forest River Inc. and Winnebago offer rental serviceswhere you can try out their models before making a purchase. Energyefficiency has become increasingly important in recent years due toenvironmental concerns and rising fuel costs. All four manufacturershave been focusing on improving energy efficiency through betterinsulation and using solar panels in certain models.

If after-sale services and support are important factors for you,then researching each company’s reputation beforehand is crucial. In thesubsequent section about ‘after-sale services and support’, we willdelve into how each of these four manufacturers handle customer serviceissues post-purchase so that you can make an informed decision beforebuying your dream RV.

After-Sale Services AndSupport

When it comes to purchasing an RV, there are a lot of factors toconsider. One important factor that often gets overlooked is after-saleservices and support.

The big 4 RV manufacturers – Thor Industries, Forest River, WinnebagoIndustries, and REV Group – all offer varying levels of customer serviceand support.

RV maintenance is crucial for the longevity of your vehicle, and eachmanufacturer has its own recommended maintenance schedule. It’simportant to do your research on which manufacturer offers the bestsupport for maintaining your RV.

Additionally, some manufacturers offer camping amenities such as freecampsites or discounted rates at certain campgrounds. This can be agreat added bonus for those who frequently travel in their RV.

Another aspect to consider when choosing an RV manufacturer isinsurance policies. Some manufacturers have partnerships with insurancecompanies that offer specialized coverage options for RVs. Choosing amanufacturer with these types of partnerships can save you money andprovide peace of mind while on the road.

Fuel economy is another consideration for those looking to purchasean RV. While larger vehicles typically get lower gas mileage, somemanufacturers make more fuel-efficient models than others. Be sure tocheck out customer reviews and compare fuel efficiency between differentmodels before making your final decision.

In conclusion, when choosing an RV manufacturer, it’s important tolook beyond just the initial cost of the vehicle. After-sale servicesand support should also play a large role in your decision-makingprocess. Consider factors such as RV maintenance recommendations,camping amenities offered by the manufacturer, insurance policypartnerships, fuel economy ratings, and customer reviews before makingyour final choice.


So there you have it, folks. The Big 4 RV Manufacturers are thegiants in the recreational vehicle industry.

Each one has their own unique features and popular models that caterto different types of customers. From Forest River’s luxuriousGeorgetown motorhomes to Winnebago’s fuel-efficient travel trailers,these manufacturers have something for everyone.

And when it comes to after-sale services and support, they all striveto provide excellent customer service. However, as with any bigdecision, it’s important to do your research and compare eachmanufacturer before making a purchase.

Take into consideration factors such as price point, size, amenities,and overall quality. In conclusion, if you’re considering purchasing anRV or trailer, be sure to check out the offerings from these topmanufacturers.

With their years of experience and reputation for excellence in theindustry, you can’t go wrong with choosing one of the Big 4. Happytravels!