What Are the Most Expensive Spinning Reels?

What Are the Most Expensive Spinning Reels?

Shopping for a new spinning reel can be a bit overwhelming. There are a lot of different options with new features coming in with every new model. However, it is best to invest in an expensive spinning reel instead of a cheaper one. 

High-cost reels are reliable as they have a strong material core, making them a durable product.

Every angler needs excellent gear for the best fishing experience. However, settling on one product can be a hard decision with the amount of increasing models, varieties, and types.

In this blog, we will look at the most expensive spinning reels out there. So, without further ado, let’s start with spinning reels and their costs.

What Is a Spinning Reel? 

Firstly, let’s cover all the basics about spinning reels. A spinning reel is a fishing reel with an open face and a fixed spool. It has a revolving metal arm used to wind line onto the spool when you turn the handle.

Furthermore, the metal arm disengages during the casting process to release the line from the spool. The spool then allows the weight to be pulled off from the lure or rig tied to it. Next, you must attach a spinning reel to a spinning rod facing downwards.

Spinning reels are the best and most versatile type of fishing reels out there. Anglers can use them for luring fish, dead bait, ice fishing, or bobber fishing. In addition, they have certain advantages compared to other reels, like the ease of use, lightweight applications, and more.

Furthermore, anglers can use them in all types of fishing, ranging from ultra-light freshwater fishing to saltwater fishing. Their uses are similar to spin casters and bait casters. However, spinning reels offer a unique set of advantages over the two.

Should You Use One? 

Firstly, every angler should have one spinning reel in rotation. Casting using a spinning reel will give you steadier control than spin-cast reels. In addition, you can learn to cast for distance and accuracy with a spinning reel.

You can use a spinning reel with anything. Their versatility pairs them from light jigs or pan fishing to heavy lures for casting muskies. However, getting the hang of it can be a bit tricky.

Lastly, if you are using a spinning reel for the first time, make sure you’re spooling your line correctly onto your spinning reel. If you are lucky, your spinning reel combo might come pre-spooled.

Other Types of Spinning Reels 

Apart from primary spinning reels, there are also a few other types. Let’s have a brief look at them:

Spincast Reels

Spincast reels are the easiest to use when it comes to casting. This makes them a go-to for beginners. Many anglers learn fishing on spin-cast reels and then continue to use them even after mastering the skill.

It also helps make fishing simpler for beginners. They are also the most affordable option for beginners.

Baitcast Reels

Baitcast reels are a bit tricky for beginners. They sit at the top of the fishing rod, and you need to place your thumb there to prevent the line from unspooling.

Their spool also rotates when the line is being released so that it does not tangle or twist. It is the ideal reel for anglers with casting as their primary fishing method. Lastly, they come in various shapes and sizes for you to pick your next reel from.

Most Expensive Spinning Reels

An average spinning reel costs from $50 to $200. Any reels that exceed the $200 mark are considered expensive and high quality. Let us have a look at the most costly fishing reels out there:

Avet HX

Price: $289 to $599

The Avet HC spinning reel has compact power-houses that feel light on your hands. The smallest spinning reel can put out around 28 pounds of drag pressure. The biggest models can lift up to 50 pounds.

Additionally, their aluminum body is solid, making them a reel of choice for professional anglers.

Shimano Talica II

Price: $499 – $1,199

The Talica II is a light, powerful, and multipurpose spinning reel. It ranges from 10 to 50, with the price going higher. It is among the most expensive spinning reels and can quickly put on a power of 20 to 60 pounds.

The Talica is specially designed for low diameter and high pound braids. The lightweight also helps eliminate the bulky feel of most offshore gear. But, on the contrary, its high price deters many potential anglers looking for a good spinning reel.

Daiwa Exist

Price: $799 – $849

These are unbelievably lightweight and high-tech spinning reels with a high-density carbon monocoque body that does not require any screws. In addition, the seal system used in the spinning reel utilizes magnetized oil, eliminating the need for a physical seal.

Penn International

Price: $499 – $599

Penn international is currently among the most popular spinning reels. Experienced anglers own a Penn International spinning reel. They are competent reels, making the experience better for all anglers.

Since its launch, this reel has been very successful, and it is now in its sixth generation. They are famous for their long-lasting quality and easy-to-use design. Finally, their price is not a significant setback for people due to their rock-solid reputation.

Daiwa Saltiga 2020

Price: $1100

Daiwa Saltiga is the leading spinning reel for sports fishing. It can handle the most challenging fishing conditions with ease. It is made from a monocoque body that eliminates the need for screws and side plates.

The reel is also resistant to saltwater. In addition, it comes with an air rotor and a smoother TD drag system for long-lasting performance and reduced flex under heavy loads.


Price: $5,500 – $8,750

Lindgreen-Pitman spinning reels are among the most expensive options for fishing enthusiasts. They have an electrical design with a digital line counter. It also comes equipped with a backlight, making it a perfect choice for night fishing.

It also provides 150 pounds of pulling power and features a GFN Composite Spool and brushless motor.

Kristal Fishing XL 651 Dredge Deep Drop Electric Reel

Price: $2,100

The Kristal Fishing XL has a deep drop reel and a modular design with interchangeable components. The motor has an “O” ring and seals the fuse holder. It is perfect for anglers looking to catch more fish.

Additionally, the reel also covers a great deal of ground. It can fish in depths up to 2500 feet and is capable of catching daytime swordfish.


Fishing is an evergreen sport, with new and advanced products making it even easier. As a result, anglers like to invest in high-quality products which last them longer instead of buying cheaper alternatives.

Expensive spinning reels come with benefits like ample area coverage, accuracy, better build, among features.

These additional features ensure that you’re getting a good experience and not having to replace parts on your spinning rod every few months. On the contrary, cheaper reels need a replacement often.

To sum it up, buying an expensive spinning feel will go a long way, maybe even lasting a lifetime for some people if they take good care of it.

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