What is a John Boat 

What is a John Boat 

If you are thinking about going fishing or spending time on the water to relax, a John Boat is a must-have. John Boat is a shallow water boat. It is pretty popular as it is lightweight and inexpensive. In addition, the boat’s bows are orthogonal rather than pointy V.

Types of John Boats

If we are to categorize these vehicles, John Boats will have two types

  • Flat-bottom
  • Modified v-hull


If you go work in the marshes, flat-bottom John Boats are ideal for you. 

Flat bottom john boats traditional ones. This type of bottom allows the boat to remain steady in the water. However, these boats can only survive the shallow and calm waters. Therefore, the hull of these boats is made up of minimum components. 

As the bottom is flat, these john boats have easy access to the marshes and wetlands. It can go into water that is just a few inches deep. Even if you get close to the water bank, there is no fear of scratching the hull.

There are a few limitations of flat-bottom John Boats. These boats do not function well in rough waters. The unfavorable weather can also limit the use of these boats.

Modified v-hull

Imagine going out on your flat-bottom John Boat, and the water conditions change unexpectedly. As your John Boat cannot handle the situation, you might get stuck. This is why modified V-hulls were invented and are gaining popularity. 

Modified-v John Boats or Semi-v John Boats have an angular bottom. These boats also have a sharp bow to cut through the water and reduce the upthrust.

Inland waterway users prefer modified-v Jon boats more. The reason is that these boats can handle rough water reasonably well. However, water conditions are not always calm. In mid-trip, turmoil may occur. Due to this, even for inland travels, boaters find modified V-hull boats safer. 

The disadvantage of an angular bottom is that these John Boats are less stable than the flat-bottom John Boats. Moreover, flat-bottom can easily access shallow water, but modified-v hull John Boats cannot. Again, it is because the draft is deeper in semi-v boats.

Which Type to Opt For?

If you have to deal with the marshes and work close to the banks, the flat bottom should do the job. Researchers and duckers prefer the flat-bottom John Boats. 

If you do not need to con a boat in the wetlands or banks, flat-bottom is not an intelligent choice. Go for a Semi-v John Boat.

Construction Material

Here are common construction materials used in John boats. 


Aluminum is lightweight and durable, making it a perfect material for a boat. It is galvanized to sustain more water and does not corrode in freshwater. In addition, if a sharp object hits the ship, aluminum is the strongest to resist the break or crack.


Fiberglass boats are corrosion-free and do not need a protective layer. The material, however, is more prone to breaking or cracking than aluminum. In addition, fiberglass John Boats are more aesthetically pleasing as they have a smooth finish.

Rotomolded -polyethylene

Rotomolded plastics are cheaper. They can be easily molded into shapes. This allows more design flexibility.

Advantages of a John Boat


If you want to enjoy the boating experience without breaking your bank, then John Boat is your answer. John Boats are easy on the pocket. Therefore, they need minimum material to be built.


You can easily maneuver your John Boat as it is lightweight. In addition, the construction material used is light in weight, and usually, a single material is used.


You might be a busy person who does not have the time or energy to invest in maintaining your boat. In such circumstances, a John Boat is ideal for you. They are effortless to maintain. Even if an engine is attached, it is a low-maintenance one.

Drawbacks of a John Boat

If you are looking for a boat to use in the sea or ocean, or even deep inland water, then a John Boat is not the suitable vessel you should look for. The major drawback is that John Boats are not designed for deep water. Deepwater fishing cannot be done in these boats. Furthermore, even modified-V hull John Boats cannot handle it if the weather and water get really harsh.


John Boats is for you if you need an inland calm water boat. John Boat will be light in weight and light on your pocket. It does not require much maintenance either and can be transported easily. Duck-hunting, researching the swamps, or just moving in water, these boats are what you should go for. 

If a John Boat does not meet your requirements or conditions, visit yapq to research your desired boat.

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