What is an Avion?

What is an Avion?

The term “avion” can be used for a machine that can fly. It’s a French and Spanish word for planes. It is typically used to refer to airplanes. It is derived from “aviation,” which means to fly or operate an avion or aircraft. Airplanes have been a total game-changer when it comes to progress in terms of travel, defense, and trade.

Types of Avion

More than a few thousand airplanes have been manufactured in the short history of aviation. However, as we go deeper into aviation history, we see that the earliest airplanes date to 1903.

Some planes are used for commercial traveling, while others are used to transport cargo. There are many types of airplanes operating out there, and most of them can be categorized into four main types. So first, we’ll look at the four types of airplanes:

Propeller Planes

A propeller plane is a small aircraft. Beginners in flight school start off by flying on Propeller planes. Aviation enthusiasts who apply for commercial flight school licenses also begin with practicing on propeller planes. 

There are different Propeller planes like single-engine planes, twin-engine planes, and amphibian planes.

Commercial Planes

You are most likely familiar with commercial planes, as they are the true staple of the aviation world. If you have ever been to another city or country on holiday by air, it is most likely that you flew in a commercial plane. Commercial planes are your go-to for traveling or moving cargo.

Commercial jets play a vital role in maintaining the world’s economy. Without them, businesses would go under, and there would be no air travel. 

There are three types of commercial planes:

Light Jets

Light jets are the smallest type of commercial jets. Economy airlines around the world use light jets for smaller flights. They can handle up to 100 passengers per flight. 

Their small size makes them easy to operate. They are cheaper than other airplanes and are relatively easy to handle. Beginner commercial pilots begin by flying light jets. 

Mid-Size Jets

Mid-sized jets are the most common and widely used around the world. They are perfect for traveling, with a capacity for up to 300-400 people and a larger cargo capacity.

They travel faster and usually operate on more than one engine. Many airlines utilize them for international travel. They are also used as cargo planes.

Jumbo Jets

Jumbo jets are as big as it gets for commercial flights. They are those huge airbuses you might spot at airports. They are also called wide-body jets. Boeing 747 was the first jumbo jet to step into the aviation world and revolutionize commercial travel.

They can carry more than 600 passengers at a time and more cargo than any other commercial plane. They can be spotted in the busiest airports in the world due to their high operation costs and rarely ever carry domestic flights.

Business and Private Jets

Business and private jets aren’t for the general public. Wealthy people in business and celebrities primarily utilize them. They are small planes used to transport a small group of people.

Business and private jets are of three types:

Very Light Jets

These jets are the smallest type of air travel mode for passengers. Light jets carry 6-8 passengers at a time. These flights are around 45 to 60 minutes long.

These light jets are extremely cheap to operate as compared to larger planes. However, they mostly travel domestically. 

Mid-size Private Jets

Mid-size jets are relatively larger than light jets and carry up to 12 passengers. In addition, passengers get extraordinary amenities on mid-sized private jets. 

These jets can make most domestic flights and sometimes also travel internationally. They cruise at 500 miles per hour and cover up to 3000 miles in one trip.

Heavy Private Planes

Heavy private jets top the list of private air transport. Companies dismantle commercial planes and convert them into luxury private jets. Companies and businesses use these private jets for taking employees on business trips. 

They can handle more than 20 passengers with ease and offer many amenities. They can fly through bad weather and long distances with ease. This makes them perfect for companies looking to conduct business above the clouds.

Military Aircrafts

Military aircraft are, without a doubt, the most technologically advanced, expensive, and remarkable members of the aviation world. Militaries use them worldwide to strengthen their offense and defense systems. There are three main types of military aircraft:

Fighter Jets

As soon as you think of a military plane, fighter jets pop up in your head. They are the backbone of all Air Force operations and the cream of the crop in terms of airplanes. They have advanced weapons, navigation, and stealth systems equipped within them.


Bombers are special military planes. Their primary purpose is to bomb targets in the enemy zones. They carry several types of bombs that can take out small targets to wipe out entire towns.

They are larger and slower than fighter jets. However, bombers are a part of the stealthiest airplanes in history. For example, the B-2 bomber is among the most notable planes. It is impossible to spot if it’s dark outside, making it an exceptional bomber plane.


The last category of military planes is surveillance planes or drones. The special design of drones makes them an extraordinary aircraft. Drones fly over enemy regions to gather Intel. Once their job is done, they fly out of there without getting detected. 

These are also called unmanned planes as they are operated remotely without a pilot present inside. 

Drones can fly very high up and very fast. They also need to take great photographs of the enemy lines from a great height. Two of the most popular Drones are the U-2 spy plane and the SR 71.


The world of aviation is far wide and more exciting than the few names discussed above. Commercial and military planes have further subtypes, with newer and advanced designs coming out every year.

This small invention by the Wright Brothers in 1903 made an enormous impact on the whole world as the number of planes, and their abilities in the present world are genuinely astonishing.

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