What is Powder Day Skiing?

What is Powder Day Skiing?

You guys must have heard about the thrilling sport of skiing. But have you ever wondered what it has to do with powder day? Powder days have been quite recognizable as a cultural activity for people who love to ski. Skiers rush towards the mountains whenever a snowstorm is near a ski town. Their zealous attitude urges them to make fresh tracks along the slopes.

God knows how much it means to them when skiing in fresh powdered snow! Either it’s the floating feeling, taking skiers freely all through the slopes, which makes them vulnerable to the now. Or is the freshly powdered snow. 

But, the fact is not everyone seems to be the jack of all cards. Some might find it difficult to ski on a powdered day. 

Here are some tips to make you a champ at skiing in powder!

Pack the Right Equipment

Skiing has been there for ages. At first, people used narrow skies. But, as a matter of fact, narrow skis wouldn’t tackle a powder day as powder acts like a liquid rather than a solid. Therefore, you need something with the maximum surface area, like a wider and rocker ski.

Hold one! You must be wondering what a rocker ski is?

Typical skis have slightly arch curved in an upward direction in the middle of the ski. This is called camber. It gives you power over your turns. Rockers, on the other hand, are quite the opposite of typical ones.

Rockers have the same opposite profile. It gives the ski a u spayed profile, making the tails and tips curve in an upward direction but away from the midpoint.  

Rockers will make sure to be maneuverable enough in powder. Then, eventually, you will enjoy that float you have been urging for.  

The question is, how wide should your ski be? Typically skis vary from 98mm to 130mm underfoot. 

Be Smart While Choosing Your Runs

You may be good at skiing, but when it comes to powder, there is a chance that you drift away in fuzzy snow. So, if you are not familiar with skiing in powder, go easy on your starting runs. 

Freshly poured powdered snow hides many obstacles like roots and rocks.so, it becomes quite challenging in the early winters since there appears to be no base of runs in fresh powder.  

Another important thing while choosing runs is to be aware of the peculiar condition of a snowstorm beforehand. Also, make sure to give minimum time on lifts. A fruitful ski tip is to get yourself a fast lift, go higher on the mountain, and start cycling the lift for a couple of hours. 

By that time, you will figure out which runs get less traffic. Luckily, you would be able to get the thrill of powder for a longer time. 

Techniques to be kept in Mind While Skiing in Powder

Here comes the most important tip. If you get the hold of a few techniques, you will become a pro skier, flexing your skiing skills to others. 

Basically, two techniques will make your powder day skiing much easier if you follow them. Let’s have a look at the first technique;

  • In case you don’t have a wider ski, don’t Panic. You need to distribute the weight of your body equally on each ski. And, here you go floating through the ice!
  • Move both the skies treating them as a single unit.
  • Use a snowboarder in powder as it has more surface area and protects you from sliding in the snow.

Another technique to make this exhilarating experience worthwhile is;

  • Try to lean back in your ski shoes.
  • Nobody wants to enjoy their skiing while sitting at the back. But, if you feel the danger of being drifted away in the powder, bring your whole weight towards the ski heel.

Have some patience if you are not getting it right. Practice makes a man perfect. So keep trying hard, and you will get there!

Make the most out of Powder Ski

Last but not least, your willingness and determined attitude are critical to successful skiing in powder. Powder skiing is all about self-body control and nothing else! You must be Good at resisting and flexing instead of turning to the powder. 

Mark it a rule while you ski in powder! And once you get the hold of it, there is no coming back. Go with the graceful flow and rhythm, and enjoy the effortless powder ride. 

So, what are you waiting for? Pack yourself the essential equipment, get on your RV and go to a ski resort on an exciting powder day.  

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