What is the Towing Capacity of a Ford Explorer + Recommended Campers?

What is the Towing Capacity of a Ford Explorer + Recommended Campers?

SUVs are incredible vehicles. Such that you might slip into thinking that they’ve magical powers to drive smoothly over any terrain. You may have been using your SUV for a long time now, but maybe you haven’t discovered its full features yet.

For instance, have you ever imagined that your Ford Explorer could tow heavy, bulky trailers and campers? Yes, it can. This means you can consider investing your money in a nice home on wheels to spend your vacation camping and traveling in nature. 

In fact, the 2022 model of this SUV has an impressive tow capacity addition of 600 pounds. So forget about getting a giant truck to enjoy your outdoor family trips. Instead, you may check these incredible trailers the Ford Explorer can tow.

What is the Towing Capacity of a Ford Explorer?

Most models of the Ford Explorer can easily tow trailers weighing up to 5,000 pounds. But the good news is that the most recent SUV models ranging from 2020 to 2022, can tow up to 5,600 pounds of fully equipped trailers. 

However, you must stay mindful that these Ford Explorer tow ratings are for the trailers not loaded with excessive luggage. Plus, you should not exceed the hitch load by more than 10%. 

Precisely, this indicates that you should not load your SUV with hundreds of pounds of extra camping equipment and supplies and expect the Explorer to tow it effortlessly.

The Explorer line has multiple tow-package options and engines. For instance, according to Ford’s data, you can find Explorer models with a towing capacity of only 2000 pounds. So, you should confirm the exact towing stats for your SUV’s towing capacity before purchasing a camper.

Recommended Campers to Tow With the Ford Explorer

When it comes to towing campers and trailers, the Ford Explorer ensures to leave you surprised. The fantastic SUV can pull a range of campers from small teardrops to convenient pop-ups to spacious travel trailers.

Let’s look at some of the compatible recreational vehicles your favorite Explorer SUV can tow.

4 Incredible Teardrop Campers

Teardrop trailers are ideal for couple or solo camping. A few larger models can easily accommodate a small family. In addition, these trailers offer a better gas mileage since they are aerodynamic. 

1.Helio HE3

Towing the 499 lbs budget-friendly Helio HE3 is a child’s play for the powerful Ford Explorer. Its bare-bones design is optimal for camping off-grid. So, if you plan to spend a good deal of your time discovering nature, this camper is great for you. 

It features a convertible sofa that can turn into a bed during nighttime so you and your partner can enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep. In addition, you can also add a small optional air conditioner to chill during hot summers. 

2.Little Guy T@G

This teardrop trailer features a small bed measuring 58 x 78 inches. It weighs around 1046 pounds and is an ideal camping option over tents.

The Little Guy T@G is equipped with a rear-hatch kitchen with a convenient 12-V refrigerator. Moreover, an air conditioner, storage, skylights, TV center, etc., are all-inclusive in this camper. 

3.inTech RV Luna Light

The 32-inch TV, convertible futons to beds, air conditioner, fireplace or heater, and well-designed back kitchen for outdoor cooking make the Luna Light a touch more luxurious than comparable teardrops. 

4.Happier Camper HC1

The adaptive modular interior of the HC1 teardrop camper allows you to alter the layout on the go for any circumstance and can fit a small family. The components can also be used as outdoor furniture for even more versatility. Many possibilities, such as including a kitchenette, increase customization.

4 Amazing Pop-up Campers

Pop-up or folding travel trailers are lighter and easier to transport than hard-sided campers, offering greater sleeping and living space.

1.Forest River Rockwood 1640LTD

The Rockwood 1640LTD tent camper features two sleeping areas and a dinette. In addition, the trailer also has a kitchen that contains a sink, a mini-fridge, a seven-foot awning, and an outdoor camping stove. 

2.Aliner Classic

With its strong sides, the Aliner Classic provides extra weather protection. A permanent bed or couch bed and a convertible dinette are available in the interior. A microwave is included in the small kitchen and a water heater, twin propane tanks, furnace, camp stove, outdoor shower, and much more.

3.Coachmen Clipper Sport 125ST

The Clipper Sport 125ST features lots of room for sleeping and lounging and a tiny kitchen where you may cook. A bathroom kit is available as an add-on to make camping more convenient.

4.Jayco Jay Sport 8SD

The Jay Sport 8SD has enough room for three people to sleep comfortably, with the option of adding a convertible dinette or a bunk. In addition, this tiny pop-up is an excellent choice for towing with your Explorer because it has plenty of storage space and an outside camp stove.

4 Excellent Travel Trailers

As these camper versions demonstrate, several Ford Explorer models with larger towing capacities can tow a complete travel trailer.

1.Jayco Jay Feather X19H

This travel trailer is a hybrid model that can offer more sleeping space with dual folding beds. In addition, a bathroom with a functioning shower and a kitchen provide you with all the basic amenities for camping outdoors. 

2.Forest River No Boundaries 19.5

The No Boundaries 19.5 trailer has several useful amenities you may need. The travel, despite its lightweight, has a queen-size bed, bathroom, kitchen, and a cozy dining and living area. 

3.Starcraft Ravel Star Expandable

Models in the Starcraft Ravel Star Expandable trailer range have up to three queen-size fold-out tent bedrooms, perfect for camping families. This camper has a full bath and kitchen, so there’s plenty of room inside for cooking or lounging.

4.Airstream Bambi 19CB

With its aerodynamic shape, the Airstream Bambi 19CB increases gas mileage and provides a tiny kitchen, bathroom, entertainment center, and eating area for camping luxury wherever you go.

Final Thoughts

Towing campers and trailers can be a challenging task. However, with the Ford Explorer, all your worries are put to rest. You can choose any camper from a range of camper models available in the market. 

Whether you choose a teardrop camper or a fully functional travel trailer up to 5,600 pounds, the SUV can tow them all. But, make sure you check the engine specifications for your relevant SUV model to avoid any inconvenience. 

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