When Do Kayaks Go on Sale?

When Do Kayaks Go on Sale?

Are you looking to invest in a kayak? Or are you planning on increasing your existing kayak collections? Either way, it is always best to be smart when buying such expensive gear. 

Kayaking is a great way to enjoy the summer heat. Paddling season lasts throughout summer since this activity is best enjoyed in the heart of the season. From June to August, excited paddlers rush out to their nearest lakes to test out their new equipment.

If you’re just as excited to get out and enjoy your summer kayaking, read on to find out when the best time to buy a kayak is. 

Worst Time to Buy a Kayak 

Before delving into the best times to buy a kayak, we think it is essential to know the worst times. June to August are probably the worst times to invest in a kayak. The prices are unusually high this time of the year since it is the heart of the kayaking season. 

Another reason prices are high during this time is that manufacturers usually announce their new models. The market prices are high because excited kayakers rush to get their hands on new equipment. 

Don’t be discouraged. However, even though you might not find a reasonable price on new kayaks this time of the year, places like Facebook marketplace or Craig’s list are always full of second-hand options that you can buy for a fraction of the original price. This comes at a cost, though, and you may have to test the waters to make sure you’re getting the right stuff. 

Best Time to Buy a Kayak

If you’re not looking for a second-hand kayak, you should plan a little further ahead. First, it is essential to know when to go shopping. Kayaks are hot in the summer, so it’s only natural that the sales go down in winter when no one is out on the water. 

According to avid kayakers, the best holidays to get your hand on great deals are Memorial Day and Christmas. Throughout May and December, the prices for Kayaks are low due to the heavy discounts being applied to them. 

You can also go shopping in August when the paddling season ends. Usually, at this time of the year, inventory that didn’t sell in the summer goes on sale. You may get new designs for a much lower price. 

Another month that can be a blessing for kayak buying in January. When everyone is done doing their holiday shopping, you may be able to find a stock that failed to sell during the holiday. It’s essentially the same logic as before. 

How to Get the Best Price?

Looking for deals and discounts during holiday seasons and off-season is a great way to score a good deal when buying a Kayak, but you may not always get lucky. In case you don’t find what you’re looking for, here are a few tips and tricks to finding a good deal on kayaks throughout the year. 

Check the Market Rates 

Shocked? So were we, but it’s a sad reality that moving houses often means leaving a few things behind. People often hold garage sales or moving sales when they are moving, and you may find good quality Kayaks in these sales. 

Most people will be selling their kayaks because they are moving out of state or, sadly, their spouses don’t support their hobby as much as they do themselves. 

Subscribe to Get Email Notifications 

Most Kayak manufacturers send emails when there are deals on their inventory. So keep an eye on your emails for deals and discounts. It may take some sifting, but you may find some fantastic deals on a kayak you had your eye on. 

Check Online Marketplaces 

Whether online or not, used marketplaces can have a kayak or two for you to check out. So keep an eye out for kayaks in these places. But make sure you give them a good inspection before buying since they are there for a reason. If there are minor repairs that you can do yourself, you can often haggle to get a better price. 


Now that you know when the best time to buy a Kayak is, go out there and get yourself a good deal. Just remember, persistence and patience is the key to this game. It may take more than one try to find what you’re looking for, but we promise it will be worth it. 

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