Why Are Class B RVs So Expensive?

Why Are Class B RVs So Expensive

If you are a seasoned camper, you must have wondered why Class B RVs are damn expensive. They are just like any other motorhome, but what’s the reason for their high prices?

This post will answer all your queries, including the price and other differences between Class B and Class C RVs.

Why Class B Cost More Than Class C RVs?

There are two primary reasons why Class B is pricier than Class C RVs. First, the manufacturing, and second, market availability.

Class B RVs are made of expensive materials. In fact, the whole flooring, wall frames, and roofs use quality material which enhances the price from the basics. When you look to buy or rent a Class B RV, you might not find one easily. So the market availability is rare for Class B.

Now, since these factors might not suffice, let’s dive deeper into the performance of Class B RVs.

Performance of Class B RV

If you compare the performance of Class B vs. Class C RV, you will be convinced that Class B is rightly expensive.

Size and Controlling

Of a wide array of small motorhomes, Class B RVs are the smallest on the list. Now you might be thinking, how does this point justify the high cost of Class B.

No doubt, a small RV doesn’t provide additional space. But Class B is nicely built, providing you with enough space for your summer camping adventure. Moreover, the small size enhances the maneuverability of the RV.

It’s easier for an amateur driver to practice on Class B than any other RVs.Therefore, Class B motorhomes are also easy to drive because of their compact construction.

Easy Parking

Since Class B are small in size, it’s easier for you to park them. In addition, class B RVs can easily fit into any suitable parking slots where standard trucks and campers struggle to get parked.

Moreover, the compact size allows you to park your Class B in a single turn. There is no need to change the gears multiple times to avoid scratching the neighbor’s vehicle.

Even if you are at the camping site and forgot to bring something important, you can easily go back in your Class B RV and come back quickly.

Better Fuel Average

Don’t get confused by the total cost of Class B and its low fuel consumption. No doubt, Class B is more expensive than Class C, but that doesn’t change the fact that Class B is better at consuming fuel.

The smaller size is the reason which makes the Class B RVs provide a better fuel average. Therefore, you will be surprised when you check the remaining fuel of a Class B RV after a long drive, and it’s actually quite more than other pick-up trucks.

These are the factors that make Class B RV an expensive motorhome. Now let’s discuss how Class B is different from Class C RVs.

Difference Between Class B and Class C RVs

Have a look at the differences between Class B and Class C RVs with pros and cons.

Class B RVs

Apparently, Class B RVs are very similar to a common van. Even some automobile experts call them conversion vans or motorhomes. However, Class B is more spacious and taller than a van. As a result, even you can easily stand up straight without bashing your head on the roof.

Inside a Class B, you will find a small kitchen, living room, and bathroom. Undoubtedly, these services are available and make your camping experience great, but the space is quite compact. You can use a kitchen and bathroom, but the space is too small to accommodate two persons at a time.

Moreover, the bathroom includes a large shower having a toilet and a sink. So that’s one factor that might be a deal-breaker for some campers who love to travel in a small luxury travel trailer.

Therefore, if you can compromise on the space, then a Class B RV might work well for your camping trip.

Class C RVs

The Class C RVs are larger in size and have a bigger shape, similar to a sleeping quarter. They are roomier and give more space for the kitchen, living room, bathroom, closet, and an additional bedroom.

In addition to that, the Class C motorhomes can easily accommodate 4-8 people without making the inside of the camper congested.

However, you have to tow the Class C to a car or a truck to travel and run errands. That’s a difficult task because of the large size of Class C. The bulkier shape makes it harder to control the overall vehicle. Not only that, you have to struggle to find a big parking space for Class C. 

Besides, it’s not recommended to let a newbie control the wheel of a Class C RV.

The fuel average of Class C is not even close to Class B RVs. However, if you are a family guy and planning to spend vacations at a campsite, Class C RVs aren’t a bad option to consider.

Now, the Class B RVs have every facility available that a Class C offers. The only con is the smaller size.

Since shape and size are the two determining factors, better fuel consumption is an answer to those factors. You can feel the difference when you are refueling a Class B and a Class C RV at a gas station.

However, it’s a challenging job to put some add-ons inside a Class B due to the compact size. But again, if you are going to a campsite with a group of two, a Class B RV is enough in its default condition.

Besides, there are Class B with slides models available that provide more space. But they are more expensive than a standard Class B RV.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to get an RV for 2-3 people, Class B is the best option. All the camping facilities are available with better fuel consumption. But Class B RVs aren’t suitable if you are a family of 4-5 with kids.

Therefore, consider Class C RV for the family trip, or if you can afford it, go for the Class B RV with a slide room.

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