Why Are RVs So Ugly

Why Are RVs So Ugly

Are you one of the campers who find RVs ugly? Well, even if you do, the chances are that you’re still traveling in your RV to the camping destination. 

Of course, RVs are often the most convenient medium to travel to the campsite. They give you a residential feeling with high-class facilities you find at home even though you deem them ugly.

But why are RVs so ugly? Is it the exterior, or is it the interior? What’s wrong with RVs that make you and other people dislike them? This post will help you find your answers. 

Reasons Why RVs Are Considered Ugly

If you are from Generation X (1965-1980), you might not have any issues with RVs even today. You have seen the evolution of recreational vehicles for camping, and that’s why you have understood that this vehicle is not going to attract people by its looks.

On the other hand, if you belong to the later generation (1990 and later, to be precise), you will see the RVs as an old-school truck which has nothing to do with today’s automobile industry.

You find the shape and design of an RV uncool. Nothing about an RV attracts you except its indoor facilities like camping, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.

On top of that, RVs are considered ugly because they are unnecessarily expensive.

Camping With a Recreational Vehicle

Even though many things repel you from buying an RV, it’s the best vehicle you can ever find to go camping. You can decorate it however you want from the inside and make yourself feel at home. You can travel in an RV for hours and hours without feeling away from home. 

RVs, like teardrop campers with AC, are the best option if you are planning your next trip in the summers with your family. That’s because it’s spacious with all the other amenities you want for a family, including an air-conditioner. Besides, not every RV can be equipped with an AC due to manufacturing or technical reasons.

Now, these RVs are available in different shapes and sizes. You can hitch them with a truck or drive them independently to the camping site. But the chances are quite high that you are not going to like RVs in any shape.

In addition to that, RVs are infamous when it comes to fuel consumption. If you check out the RV gasoline or diesel usage by class, you will see that Class B RVs are the most fuel-efficient camping vehicles. Even though they are the most expensive ones, their fuel efficiency is remarkable.

The Exterior of an RV

From an online urban design platform, the exterior of an RV was labeled as “unsightly.” It’s because every time young guys look at an RV, they are never attracted. 

Even the choice of paint on an RV is so dull that you can easily identify it on the road. It’s better not to crash into one, or you will have to deal with one of the most unattractive things you have ever seen in your life.

Some of the automobile reviewers said that the RV manufacturers target old people and couples and neglect what the young generation wants.

No doubt, these days, Gen Y and Z are flocking to campsites, and they are the real, needy people who want to have a good-looking RV.

When they don’t find an RV attractive enough, they either take a camper for rent or decide on something else to do on vacations.

Interior of an RV

Unlike the exterior, the interior of an RV is not attractive but less ugly. The only thing that attracts people is the consistency of the manufacturers in continuously making ugly RVs for campers.

Even though they can improve the interior and exterior, they are literally not making any progress. Such consistency is killing the reputation of RVs among the young lads.

The unpleasant interior doesn’t give a relaxing vibe. Instead, it kills the mood once you get in your slide-in camper after a good hiking day or bonfire because of the weird plastic interior with darkish gray upholstery.

Therefore, it’s only you who can decorate your RV’s interior if you want to save your mood and the overall pleasure of the long home-campsite-home journey.

Will You Travel in an RV?

Of course, an RV is the best and, so far, the only convenient option if you wanna go camping, fishing, or spend some nights in the woods. Although its exterior might not be attractive enough for traveling, you have to sacrifice luxury to save some bucks.

Advanced models of RVs offer luxurious interiors and exteriors and are highly appreciated by the campers. However, they are more expensive than you can imagine.

Another way is you can decorate your RV’s interior nad exterior on your own. However, it’s a DIY project and, therefore, a bit time-consuming. So before starting decorating your RV, prepare a plane beforehand.

You can try the following enhancements to your RV’s interior:

Follow a Theme

You can follow a theme while decorating the RV. For example, follow a comic theme or a musical band throughout the decoration.

Use Quality Colors

Take it as a one-time investment and use good quality colors while painting the RV’s interior. Moreover, you can go for contrast while coloring the upholstery, kitchen, and living room.

Hang Some Decoration Items

Consider the RV as your home and make it as appealing as possible. It’s because, at the end of a tiring day, you will be spending the rest of the camping journey either in a tent or in an RV.

Keep the Bathroom Clean

Make sure the bathroom is free of any kind of dirt and smell. You can use an air freshener as well to keep the bathroom lively and attach some good sanitary from a hardware shop.

Place Some Lights

Last but not least, hang some decorative lights to make the interior attractive at night. 

Final Words

If you are looking for a comfortable ride to the campsite, you have to travel in an RV even though it doesn’t look attractive. Fortunately, the RV manufacturers are working on the aesthetics, and you will soon get to see more attractive yet affordable RVs on the roads.

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