Why is Camping so Exhausting

Why is Camping so Exhausting

A lot of people complain that camping is a tiring experience. It drains all of their energy and leaves them exhausted. No doubt, what they are claiming might be true. But to make a sound judgment, it’s necessary to see the reason behind “why is camping so exhausting.”

This post will tell you about factors that make camping tiring and how you can avoid them.

Factors that Make Your Camping Exhausting

Several things can spoil your camping fun. The most common ones include:

Lack of Planning

Camping can become bothersome and tiring if you don’t plan your trip. Planning is the fundamental step in any activity you perform. Moreover, you might have to spend a couple of days planning your next camping expedition.

If you are going on a solo journey, last-minute planning will suffice. However, you have to seriously plan if you are preparing a travel trailer with your family. Now that sounds exhausting, doesn’t it?

Therefore, you have to plan everything in advance. In more clear words, you and your family must be ready a day before your actual camping journey begins.

Have a look at the following checklist:

  • Pack everything (equipment, food, drink, clothes, power back-up)
  • Check tent’s status
  • Prepare your kids

After planning, it’s better to relax and take some rest so that you won’t stress yourself on the big day.

Poor Sleep

People think that not sleeping before leaving for camping will keep them energetic. Wrong! Instead, it’s the opposite.

You temporarily might feel fresh without sleeping out of excitement. That’s your mind playing with you. However, once the sun goes high, you will start feeling numb. Therefore, always make sure you get a sound sleep before leaving on an outdoor journey.

According to sleeping experts, you should at least take 7 hours of sound sleep in your everyday routine. So if you plan your trip in advance, only then can you sleep peacefully for 6-7 hours.

No Balance in Activities

That’s one heck of a life’s mantra. Always keep a balance in any activity you are doing. Anything that loses its balance will either hurt you or bore you. No doubt, camping is full of fun. 

You have multiple activities to indulge yourself in, but you are a human, after all. You can’t have infinite energy to cash every moment while camping. Therefore, take a break. You don’t have to spend all day in the woods or hiking. Your body will automatically tell you when it’s time to get back in the tent.

It’s common that spending time camping with your beloved ones is an exciting experience. But don’t allow your mind to fool you.

If you don’t take some breathing space, all your energy will be drained. As a result, constant outdoor fun will fatigue you. What should you do then? Play some board or card games. Then, talk, have a cup of tea and enjoy some nice music.

Unawareness of Weather Conditions

It doesn’t matter if you are heading South or North for camping. Just keep an eye on the weather condition. If you are solo, plan your camping accordingly. If you are with your family, it’s better to discuss what weather would be suitable for everyone, especially for the kids.

Of course, the rainy and winter seasons enhance your camping experience, but it might be bad if you are taking your kids with you.

The low temperature is one of the reasons why you become exhausted while camping. Therefore, analyze the weather condition first and then drive your pop-up truck camper to the camping location.

Exposure to Bugs

It’s true that if you are out there camping and trying to get some sleep, bugs might begin to interrupt your leisure time.

First, you will not be able to get some quality sleep. Second, lack of sleep will affect your mental health. So what can you do about that? Always carry bug spray with you. 

Moreover, cover your tent with a mesh to restrict the entry of mosquitoes into your space.

Lack of Good Diet

Let’s not forget that you are camping in the woods and that’s not a regular weekend you spend at your home. That means you have to utilize more energy than usual. To equalize that, you should keep a healthy diet during camping.

No doubt, snacks suit well with camping. But let’s be more realistic and pack some real nutrition to regain the maximum energy. Following are the examples of healthy nutrition while camping:

  • Fruits
  • Steak
  • Nuts
  • Eggs

If you don’t take enough nutrition, you might become a victim of fatigue. So eat more and make the best of your camping experience.

Final Words

Camping can make you exhausted if you don’t plan accordingly. Therefore, always keep a check on important factors as mentioned above to enjoy yourself to your fullest while camping without feeling worn out completely.

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