Why Is Outdoor Furniture So Expensive?

Why Is Outdoor Furniture So Expensive?

People love to spend quality time with their families in their garden, enjoying the comfort of their outdoor space and the privacy of their home. So it is evident that outdoor furniture is on their list of things to get for furnishing their outdoor space. However, with the increasing demands, you must ask, “Why is outdoor furniture so expensive?.”

There are several reasons for the high price of outdoor furniture. However, it comes down to basics like construction and material costs. As a buyer, you want to buy durable furniture that can withstand harsh weather. Adding that with costs of design, upholstery, shipping, etc., the final costs are usually a lot.

However, as tempting as it may be to go for a cheap alternative, we recommend you not to do that. Instead, let us have a deeper look into outdoor furniture costs and why you should make this investment.


Outdoor furniture is made to resist harsh weather such as rain, snow, extreme heat, etc. There are several materials with different qualities that you can get for your patio. Here are a few of them:


Plastic furniture is a good start for your outdoor needs, especially if you’re not a regular user. The furniture is cost-efficient and durable. In addition, plastic outdoor furniture is UV resistant and resists fading its color in the sun.

On the other hand, molded plastic furniture has an upscale feel and is low maintenance. However, it comes with a higher price tag.


Wood is an expensive but durable option for your patio furniture. There are a variety of options for you to look for. You can choose wood types such as Acacia, Eucalyptus, Shorea, Cedar, and more.

Make sure that you invest in furniture which is easy to care for. For example, wooden outdoor furniture is prone to water stains, cracking, and warping. Therefore, you need to take good care of your furniture based on the material you are getting.


Metal furniture is an affordable option for your outdoor needs. It comes with metal frames which only require you to change your cushions from time to time. Rust-resistant metal furniture is the best option for outdoors.

On the other hand, stainless steel frames are cheaper for your home. However, it can get very hot in the scorching heat of the sun and is not rust-resistant. So our advice would be to not go for the cheaper alternatives.

Durability and Build Quality

Outdoor furniture manufacturers pay a lot of attention to their products’ build quality and durability. An example of this can be easily noticed in cheaper alternatives of wooden patio furniture. It starts to fall apart quite quickly as exposed to constant sun and rain.

Manufacturers of high-end furniture make sure that the best materials are used in the most efficient ways possible. High-quality wood is built to last in extreme weather conditions and, as a result, hikes the price of outdoor furniture.

Similarly, other materials also have to be durable and long-lasting. Take, for example, cushions. The cushions you keep on a patio chair or couch have to be of sturdy materials. These cushions have high-quality materials, and just like the furniture they sit on, they can withstand all types of harsh weather. That, of couse, comes at cost. 


When it comes to outdoor furniture, the focus isn’t just on the durability of materials but also the functionality of the design. Therefore, furniture designers and manufacturers spend a lot of time innovating designs to make the pieces practical yet attractive. 

This also becomes a cost factor, especially when you’re buying your patio or yard furniture and decor from a high-end or designer brand. 

Is It Worth The Price?

So the only question is, is the high outdoor furniture price worth it? And the answer is yes. Good outdoor furniture is like an investment for a homeowner. Investing in furniture that lasts more than one season and ends up troubling you with its poor quality is better.

The right pick for your patio will enhance your living space. You can enjoy an outdoor snack with your family, lounge by the pool, or sip coffee in the garden. Your furniture will play a significant role in providing you with that comfort.


Outdoor patio furniture is a long-term investment for homeowners. Instead of choosing a cheaper alternative, we recommend you browse your options. Settle for furniture that will last you several seasons.

If you take care of your high-end furniture, you will not have to think about investing in outdoor furniture again for several years.

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