Yamaha YFZ50 Top Speed

Yamaha YFZ50 Top Speed

Yamaha has a long-standing reputation in the ATV world due to their back-to-back ATV hits. They have given us the likes of Yamaha banshee and Grizzly EPS. The Yamaha YFZ series inspires quads when it comes to style and durability.

The remarkable design and striking colors make the ATV a must-have. The YFZ50 is suitable for children, preferably of age six and above. The quad will make a remarkable pair for you and your children next to your YFZ 450. Let us have a deeper look at Yamaha’s YFZ50 quad bike, its top speed, and specifications:

Yamaha YFZ50

The Yamaha engineered YFZ50 ATV is the ideal starting point for young riders. The quad has a low-maintenance engine of 49cc, making it light and easy to handle for children. In addition, the quad has an extremely durable built and responsive and controllable performance.

Furthermore, Yamaha introduced various parental controls for monitoring your children on their YFZ50. These features include the cut-off tether switch to switch off in times of hazard. The lightweight wheels and sporty look inspire the race-ready YFZ50 for your children’s day on the track.

Top Speed

The Yamaha YFZ50 can reach up to 30 miles per hour. To help young beginners grow into accomplished ATV riders, the YFZ50 uses two-stage rpm limiters and throttle limiters. These help in matching the engine performance to the rider’s advancing skills.

The four-stroke, 49cc engine is turned to develop great low to mid-range performance for beginners. The motor for the engine is air-cooled and uses wet-sump lubrication.

The ATV does not include over-the-top, high-tech advancements due to their lack of need. Instead, Yamaha focuses on simplicity in its design for young riders as the company wants to keep its ATV safe for all children.

How to Increase Top Speed?

If the YFZ50 is in possession of a child aged six or above, we recommend you do not try to increase the top speed of the YFZ50 with modifications. This may put the rider’s life in danger, as any handling error can cause an accident.

However, if you’re an adult looking to increase the speed of the quad bike, there are a few ways you can easily do that. Many riders have tried and tested various modifications and methods on YFZ50 to increase the overall speed of the quad and have successfully done so. Here are some of those tips:

Reduce Weight

First and foremost, reduce the overall weight of your YFZ50. There are more extra plastic and pipes on your quad bike than you think. Getting rid of them should be your priority. Once all the extra plastic and pipes are off your quad, it will effectively boost your speed.

Air Filters

Installing air filters in your quad bike also goes a long way for you. Firstly, you should remove the air box in your YFZ50 and replace it with air filters. Furthermore, make sure you check and clean your air filters from time to time. If you fail to do so, dirty air filters can cause your quad to slow down.

High Compression Piston

If you want to spend a penny on modifying your quad, invest in a high compression piston. Investing in a high compression piston will increase the fuel efficiency for your ATV and boost your quad’s overall performance.


The YFZ50 has a low-maintenance 49cc engine that enables young riders to feel relaxed. It comes with an electric starter button, powered by a sealed battery. For your peace of mind, a kick-starter also comes with the design.

The quad has a fully automatic transmission with a continuously variable transmission, meaning there is no need to shift gears manually. Parents of young riders like this new feature. Furthermore, engine power is transferred to your quad’s rear wheels via a robust chain that runs along a swing arm.

Lastly, features like tool-less-quick-access air filter make it low maintenance. In addition, the exhaust includes a standard spark arrestor to make the design more effective. And if that’s not enough, its optimized tires and sporty chassis also add to its comfortable accommodations.


To sum it up, the Yamaha YFZ50 offers worry-free operations with an easy-to-handle design. Therefore, it is the right pick for you if you are looking for a quad bike with great parental controls and a top-notch design.

With top speeds peaking over 30 miles per hour with its 49cc engine, it is a great pick for young ATV riders of age six and above. Yamaha’s exciting, sporty ATV style is a reliable and comfortable option for your quad biking days with your kids.

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